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Title Stars Author Votes
who will you marry???
distantdreamz09 32
WYR: rich or attractive?
andy 822
Old People driving
rdvl4e826 87
Do u like the name...
kathryn69 39
The absolutely AWESOME poll!!!
Blueangel17 36
Hottest Member of BSB
lovefromjello 24
magiicmike 34
I <3 Piercings!
kayforkelsey 46
plziluvu12 22
Which movie SUCKS??
Starpossum 48
Your Favorite cars
avwjeep 61
Which band is better?
dragongirl 48
$$$ Million Dollar Queston $$$ (Idiots Only)
hiiiiiiiiii 89
about me
xsteph193x 29
would yu ever love me
miszidgaf2009 16
Winter Poll
voidedink 25
Tester Poll
sparkle6 35
Children of Bodom
lunaticangel1472 44
Breakfast is ready!!!!
xkelster462x 48
love me or hate me
savany 14
michaeljackson 21
Anticipated Film of 2005
diogenes 56