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Title Stars Author Votes
Which season do you hate the most?
colinb 4352
who the hottest of these 10 everyday stars
cutiebunny10 82
Favorite Neon Genesis Evangelion Character
darkxfaerie 239
Breasts....Real or Fake?
akissame 256
xx-psh23because-xx 29
Gay Marriage
mari7514 30509
pinkmittens8 7
Valentine's Day
lilprincess 4
U.S. Elections
lilprincess 6
Coca Cola
pinkmittens8 3
How long is it until your birthday
kezzievanescence 10
Donuts or bagels
kellyburnsred 10
Do you want to get married?
kezzievanescence 12
When you're around your Crush..
CraziAvi 47511
A Girls Underwear
thefonz 98091
JMSee1789 4217
The X-Men
pinkmittens8 2