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Title Stars Author Votes
What's Your Favorite Book
sarahella21 47
U2, Green Day, or Gorillaz?
catjuggler 84
should gay people be allowed to be married???
georgea100 17
vampgurl6003 76
Food Preferance
kiran3610 23
No Doubt Songs
frenchmade 39
have you ever flunked a grade?
CrimsonCruelty 37
Gay Marriage
pogofreak22 25
+Popular Polls+ Socks
-PrincessE- 86
Which Anime Opening Theme Is Best
fmaaddict6258 13
Teen Queen
fallxtoxashes 21
Motorhead POLL!
tk30 11
favorite fresh prince character
la33 25
Love At First Sight
forevermad 29
What Band R0x0rs Your B0x0rs?
GuitardedAK 43
Which Cartoon Is Best?
k8ie39 40
+Popular Polls+ Me
-PrincessE- 50
punk-luvr1107-gc 61
Vanessa Paradis (Johnny Depp's 'wife')
depp-freak 51
Which Do you Prefer?
strangerofamerica 30
Which of these rock bands are best?
WhiteStripesRock 70
Best Rapper
ledgege 3
thorne132006 13
what should i do first today
dolphinlover88 5
girl names(4 guys)
jbmusic21 20