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Title Stars Author Votes
lilhoney90 75
Have you ever dyed your hair?
-angela- 44
nikkebrazil 31
Are you in love
DeadlyDarkChild 1607
do u like my profile?
coreymonster 18
90,91,Do you know A GOOD PUN?92,93,DId you forget your KEY?
tk30 46
Mike Vick
cierraboo757 12
Am I Cute at all?
izzy 50
If I grow up...
000sundancer000 25
What did you think of Titanic ?
alyssaxashley 35
Your favourite *good* band
onlyangels-havewings 39
Favorite brand of clothes
baps 41
what came 1st?
felishiarox16656 23
Green Day Music Video
billiejoerox4life 43
HMMMMMMM are you?
baby-dee 45
You're not fat, don't listen to them....!
michellerockon 28
You should take this poll. i dunno why, just do it because i said so.
vintage-babe-06 43
Better movie
awesomejami 36
Battle of The Bands: The '90s PART 2
dishwallafied 32
What do you think of me? (no swear words, several choices)
agape22 33
you are?
brittany-nicole 199
The Strokes ~ Who's Your Favorite?
dOrkO 27
What Kind Of Guy/Girl Do You Like?
RockerGirl713 72
Best Graduating Class
brainiackg2010 29
Birth Control Distributed in High Schools?
liyahhg 23