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Title Stars Author Votes
super heros
toothlessdragongirl 411
Male celeb you love the most?
xxgothic-fairyxx 24
Gay rights...
ignorance0is0death 63
phone 21
2008 vs 2009 fireworkds
ahmadlovely 13
Would you kill yourself?
sidbob 22
Whats better?@?!?!?!?
hottpinkshorteej 28
what is your second language part 1
dolphinlover88 7
Which Bird Pokemon shuld I use?
loonytc 7
~*~*What is your favorite Holiday~*~*
PinkIce936 57
Best Band
jarrett 53
jrd310 41
Am I..
xxxkeaganxxx 28
What`s more scarier?
shortandsweet 48
What Band is More emo?
Death-By-Your-Kiss 86
Pick your favourite Naruto Pairing!!
mx3 77
Tell the truth!!!
da-real-me08 44
Favoriate Piercings!!!
snickeetblove 125
* YoUr FaVoRiTe OuT oF tHeSe MoViEs *
heartbreaka2390 200
Do you like SHINY LEGS?
tk30 19
(test poll) Favorite Food
mad23dog 107
Which Dir en grey band member do you love?
kaoruneko16 10
Fusion: Year 2, Week 2
masterd2643 34
American Idol
chevy24chick 33
Shehzad Roy-New Videos?
biliankhen85 10