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Title Stars Author Votes
Best Blink 182 song?
sliced-bread-no2 37
vampire movies
blackrose13 21
Do you believe in God?
sugardoodle 31
Name For An Important Object
pogofreak22 26
Perfect size
xvanitykillsx 161
jst do it!!!!!
franchesca 33
Hmm i dont know.... i wanted to see what happened! so HAHA
xMSIx 23
Do you have friends?
paintsarcasticsmiles 69
Stars of 2008
xkelster462x 1479
Tusha 40
billyxgrant 15
Rap/Pop Should be distroyed? yes or no?
darklor 44
mjohnson 9
Who makes friends easier? Boys or girls?
danse-macabre 26
Favourite book
zoe123 651