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Author: ccsplayer3
Created: February 12, 2007
Taken: 3,201 times
Rated: G

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B-ball survey

Created by ccsplayer3 and taken 3201 times on Bzoink
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How long have u been playin?
Who do u represent?
What #?
Where do u play?
Whos your favorite Nba team?
Whos your favorite Nba player?
Whos your favorite college team?
Whos your favorite college player?
A.I., D-Wade,Melo or Leborn?
Best town team(including u)?
Favorite Nba legend?
Best player u ever played?
Best shooter?
Favortie drill?
Favorite colors to play in?
What shoes do u wear?
Can u shoot?
Can u dribble?
R u a all around player?
R u a ball hog?
Can u shoot the 3?
What is your best skill?
What do u average a game?