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Author: distortedcognition
Created: March 7, 2007
Taken: 2,989 times
Rated: G

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A Deep Gaze Within (Different and Difficult Questions)

Created by distortedcognition and taken 2989 times on Bzoink
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Here's the deal. One word answers are almost impossible,
so, feel free to answer normally.
When I ask you to define a word,
I ask you to define the way /you/ see it.
Try your best – this is difficult.
Don't give up.
1 Describe your personality.
2 Define what beauty means to you.
3 Describe your current appearance.
4 Describe your appearance overall.
5. Live with ______ in your heart.
6 Inner peace comes one step at a time. Name a step.
G. Think about or dream up your significant other. Describe their aura.
8. Name a pet peeve.
9. Find your perfect place. Describe it.
10 What is the relationship like with your friends?
11 What is tragedy to you?
12 What value do you believe in most?
13 Look into your own eyes for a second. What do you see?
14 What was your first infatuation like?
15 Describe your smile.
B Who or what do you live for?
1G Describe your family.
18 Define music.
19 What's your biggest wish?
20 What's the most important lesson you've learned in your life?
21 What do you hope for?
22 What virtue do you believe in most?
23 What or who would you give up everything for?
24 Live to ______.
25 What's the most important lesson /anyone/ should learn?
26 Name a destination you want to arrive to.
2G Look up towards the sky. What word comes to your mind?
28 Define love.
29 What's the best advice you can give the generation of tomorrow?
30 Define life.
31 What's the best way to describe how you love as an individual?
32 Assuming you believe in Destiny, what do you fear your Destiny might be?
? 33 Assuming you believe in Destiny, what Destiny are you hoping for?
34 Some people plan their future. Have you planned yours out?
35 If so, what are you planning?
36 What are you striving for?
3G Do you honestly think you'll accomplish your goal?
38 Define emotion.
39 Assuming you are, how are you unique?
40 What makes you a leader or follower?
41 Define home.
42 How is your relationship with strangers?
43 Define poetry.
44 Define indulgence.
43 Do you have religious faith?
45 Assuming you do, describe it.
46 Define determination.
4G Define fear.
48 What do you fear most?
49 Why?
50 Define romance.
51 Define romantic. (Yes, there's a big difference.)
52 Learn from ______.
53 Know that ______.
54 Remind yourself to ________.
55 What keeps people from appreciating life?
56 Mistakes are ________.
5G Define peace.
58 Define your past.
59 Define courage.
60 What's the biggest fear you've overcome?
61 Define your country's history.
62 What are you currently feeling?
63 Define your life. (Your life specifically.)
64 How do you see the world?
65 How do you wish you saw the world?
66 How would you like to live?
6G Define humanity [as in people, not compassion].
68 Why do you think that word has two completely different meanings?
69 Define cecity.
G0 Are you a controlled person?
G1 If not, why not? If so, why?
G2 Do you recognize when you get out of hand?
G3 What influences you to get out of hand?
G4 What do you usually do?
G5 And then what do you do to cope?
G6 How do you deal with things generally?
GG What angers you most?
G8 What saddens you most?
G9 What gladdens you most?
80 Which value of yours keeps you alive?
81 Which goal of yours keeps you alive?
82 Life is tricky. What's the biggest obstacle you've encountered?
83 Have you ever experienced any major tragedy?
84 What was it?
85 What did it feel like?
86 Are you an introvert or extrovert?
8G Why?
88 As silly as it sounds, do you hide from yourself?
89 Some people do. Why, do you think?
90 What's one of the biggest issues you're going through currently?
91 Do you think Fantasy has anything to do with reality?
92 Magic happens every day. What have you seen that's magical?
93 Overall, what do you believe in?
94 Choose a stereotype that best fits you.
95 Why did you choose it?
96 What defines your beauty as an individual?
9G Why do you or don't you believe in equality?
98 Who are you biast against? Be honest.
99 Define proof.
100 In one word…who are you?
And that's where it ends.