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Author: boing
Created: March 11, 2007
Taken: 1,109 times
Rated: PG

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The deep and meaningfuls of life. What's your opinion?

Created by boing and taken 1109 times on Bzoink
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Do you spend a lot of time contemplating life's mysteries?
If you could create a new law, what would it be?
Are you religious?
Ever discuss your political beliefs with people?
Do you care about the environment?
Are you at all racist, sexist, ageist, or homophobic?
What's your motto for life?
Is progress destroying the beauty of the world?
Do you believe there is life somewhere else in the universe?
Would you like to rule a country?
Do you believe everything has a purpose?
Do you think animals have real feelings?
Is war ever for the best?
Could you kill anyone?
Do you believe global warming is really our fault?
Does love conquer all?
Is euthanasia morally acceptable?
Do you see the world as beautiful or corrupt?
Is world peace impossible?
Does prison work?
When is abortion ok?
Do you trust the media?
Is pride a good or a bad thing?
What is the purpose of life?
Do you believe in karma?
For or against hunting? why?
Creativity ot intellect?
What do you think caused the dinosaurs' extinction?
Do you give money to charity?
Do you think the human population needs to be controlled?
What happens when we die?
Do real psychics really exist?
How do you see Earth being destroyed?
Is it possible that everyone on earth sees the colour 'red' differently?
How would you like to die?
Do you need money to be happy?
Your stance on the death penalty?
Is deforestation justified?
What are your opinions on gay marriage?
Can you accept the opinions of others?