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Author: beadjwlr
Created: May 6, 2007
Taken: 323 times
Rated: G

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Cell Phones

Created by beadjwlr and taken 323 times on Bzoink
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The Service
What service provider do you have?
Do you like them?
If so, why?
How many minutes do you have?
Do you want more?
Do you use all of them?
Have you ever gone over your mintues.
Do you have roll over ones?
The Outside
What type of phone is it?
Is it a flip phone?
If not, what is it?
Does it have a antenna?
Do you think it looks good?
What color is it?
Is it big?
Is it small?
Is the phone easy to carry around with you?
The looks on the inside...
What background do you have?
What color are your keys?
Do you like the way the inside looks like?
How many contacts do you have?
Who was the first contact you added?
Who is the most recent contact you added?
Out of all the contacts, what's the most common letter used?
Who do you talk to the most?
Who do you talk to the least?
What type of games do you have?
What game do you play the most?
The least?
Do you have music on your phone?
If so what type?
If you have a camera, do you use it often?
What is your oldest picture?
What is your newest picture?
Do you have frames on it?
Do you have different color tones?
What ringtone do you hate?
What ringtone do you like?
How many ringtones do you have?
What ringtone are you using right now?
How many backgrounds do you have?
What background are you currently using?
Can you put pictures for the background?
If so, have you ever?
What was it?
What is your favorite bacground?
What is your least favorite one?
Random Questions?
Do you have bluetooth?
Do you use it?
Is there a calendar on the phone?
What is an up coming event?
Have you ever used the alarm clock?
Is there a voice recorder?
If there is have you ever used it?
If so, on what?
Do you have internet on the phone?
What type of internet?
Can you IM on your phone?
Do you text?
Can you text?
If so, who do you talk to the most?
Do you have bluetooth?
Do you use it?
Do you have internet?
Do you use it?
Who do you text most?
Who do you text least?
Who texts YOU the most?
What does your first message say?
What does your most recent message say?
Pick 3 random text messages out.