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Author: peppurz
Created: May 18, 2007
Taken: 1,487 times
Rated: G

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Kay. It's Random Question Time! Whoot Whoot!

Created by peppurz and taken 1487 times on Bzoink
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GAH!!! It's time to start!
Have you ever wondered who made Skittles?
Ever sing at the beach?
How 'bout dance in public alone?
Sat on food?
Laughed so hard you *GASP* wet yourself in public?
Sang to your crush?
Kissed the ground?
Wished that your crush would sing to YOU?
Embarassed yourself during PE?
Wished you were someone famous, even right now?
Want a pet hamster or even a pet toad?
Would ya name it Lucifer? *GASP*
Ever wish your name was Vivian? Or Chad?
Kissed a cousin?
Do ya love sunflowers?
Obsess over the color orange?
Miss an ex that doesn't miss you?
Live in a haunted house but aren't afraid?
Are ya in love with high heels?
Would ya kiss your best guy/girl friend for ten bucks? *GASP*
Ever daydreamed so much in class that you started to drool? *GASP*
Do ya plan on having 8 or more children before the age of 40?
Ever sang a nursery rhyme out loud in public?
Kissed a member of the opposite gender and the same gender on the same day?
Been away from home for more than two weeks?
Ever eaten two sandwiches in one day?
What's worse: Ketchup, Mayo, or Mustard?
What's better: The letter Q or the letter V?