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Author: lesleylafuze
Created: May 27, 2007
Taken: 330 times
Rated: G

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Created by lesleylafuze and taken 330 times on Bzoink
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How many biological siblings to you have?
How many Step/Adopted Siblings do you have?
What number sibling are you?
Do you get along with your siblings?
How many brothers do you have?
How many sisters do you have?
Do you ever wish you were an only child?
Do you ever wish you could 'delete' one of your siblings?
What are your sisters names?
What are your brothers name?
Do your siblings love you?
Can you call them when you need something?
Do they remember your birthday?
Did you play together when you were little?
What was your favorite childhood game?
What mean things would you do to eachother?
What is your favorite sibling memory?
Did you have to share a bedroom?
Did you share clothes?
Did you look up to any of your siblings?
Did you feel your siblings didn't like you?
Do you look like your siblings?
Do you have a favorite sibling?
Do you remember their birthdays?
Do you hang out with them still?
Can other people tell you are siblings?
Did you go to school together?
Did you fight eachother?
Did you tattle on each other a lot?
Are you happy you have siblings?