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Author: noodleh
Created: June 16, 2007
Taken: 2,121 times
Rated: PG

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90 Questions on Top Three

Created by noodleh and taken 2121 times on Bzoink
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top three friends
Have you dated any of them?
Is 1 your best friend?
Have any of them dated eachother?
Are they all friends?
Do you have a nickname for #2
Have you kissed number #3
Have you been to number #2 house?
Have any been to yours?
Have you ever stolen anything from #1?
Have you ever had to cover for any of them?
Have you ever been to a concert with any of them?
When is the last time you spoke to number #1?
Last time you spoke to 2?
Last time to spoke to 3?
Are any your family members?
Has number #2 met your parents?
Have you met number #1s parents?
Have you taken myspace pictures with number #3?
Have you ever had a fight with number #1?
Have you ever spent time with all three at once?
Has number #1 slept in your bed?
Have you slept in number #1s bed?
How did you meet number #3?
How did you meet number #2?
How did you meet number #1?
Who have you known the shortest?
Who is the pretiest?
Who is the hottest?
Who do you have most similar music tastes to?
Who can you relate more to?
Have you ever kept something from #1?
Have you ever punched number #2?
Is number #2 dating somebody?
Who's number #3s ex?
Have you ever had a crush on any of them?
Have any of them had a crush on you?
Have you been to the beach with number #1?
Have you been clubbing with number #2?
Have you ever been to an amusment park with number #3?
Has number one ever made you cry?
Have you ever made number one cry?
Do you have inside jokes with number 1?
with number two?
With number three?
Do you annoy number one?
What's number 3's fave band or singer?
Have you ever been moshing with any of them?
Who makes you laugh more?
Who makes you angry more?
Who have you known the longest?
Who have you known the shortest?
What's the funniest thing you've done with number 1?
With number 2?
Have you ever done something illegal with number one?
Have number two ever told you they loved you?
Have you ever said i love you to number 1?
Do you love number one?
Have you ever told number three you love them?
Have you ever shared a meal with number three?
Who do you have least similiar music tastes to?
Who do you think is more likey to end up in jail?
Who is more likey to save the world?
Who is more likey to stay your friend throught life?
Who is more likey to drop out of school?
Who is more likley to become famous?
Who is more likley to get married first?
Who is more likley to repost this?
Who is least likey to get in a fight?
Who is least likey to date you?
Who draws best?
Who sings best?
Who has the nicest house?
Nicest house?
Nicest eyes?
Nicest hair?
Who do you look like more?
Have you ever been jelous of any of these three people?
Have they ever been jelous of you?
Who has the best dress sense?
Who dances best?
Who dances worst?
What quaility do you like best about number 1?
Number 2?
Number 3?
Is there something you need to tell any of them?
Do you love them?