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Author: memyselfandu
Created: June 22, 2007
Taken: 1,922 times
Rated: PG

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Each Room In Your House

Created by memyselfandu and taken 1922 times on Bzoink
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Do you like to garden?
Are there a lot of plants around your house?
If you go outside and walk 10 steps will you walk into a tree/bush?
Is there a pool out there?
A hot tub?
A swingset?
A little pond with fish in it?
Is there a couch?
A telephone?
A ceiling fan?
Can you look out a window and see a street?
When you first walk in is it the room you walk in to?
How many bathrooms are in your house?
Is there a bathtub?
Is it a shower that has a bathtub connected?
Is there a lot of storage in there?
Is there a mirror?
What color are the walls?
Is it pretty big?
Does it have a theme or just thrown together?
Is there a ceiling fan?
How many closets?
How many dressers?
Is there a mirror?
Is there a T.V.
Any other furniture?
Are there candles?
What is on your walls?
How many other bedrooms?
Who stays in the other bedrooms?
What color are the walls?
Are there T.V.'s in those rooms?
What other furniture?
What's on the walls?
Is it bigger than the livingroom?
Is it connected to the dining room or is the kitchen table in there?
Is the backdoor in there?
Is there a toaster oven?
Is there a ceiling fan?
A phone?
Is there a microwave?
How many cabinets?