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Author: popsiclez0
Created: July 9, 2007
Taken: 364 times
Rated: G

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This or That

Created by popsiclez0 and taken 364 times on Bzoink
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heels or flip flops
chips or burger
fruit or veggies
summer or winter
wedding or prom
long hair or short
blond or brunette
mp3 or ipod
cell fone or home fone
rap or rock
god or devil
football or basketball
call or text
family or friends
myspace or xanga
love or lust
play or watch
dance or sing
shower or bath
pool or hot tub
ice cream cone or popsicle
sexy or hott
dog or cat
milkshake or slushie
cash or card
rich and ugly or poor and beautiful
survey or quiz
brother or sister
movie or show
kisses or hugs
beer or liqour
vacation or permanet
dresses or skirts
middle skool or high skool
milk chocolate or white chocolate
cake or ice cream
bikini or 1 piece
jet skis or boat
laptop or computer
camera or camera fone
razr or krazr
guys or gurls
4 wheeler or dirt bike
manicure or pedicure
front or back