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Author: mickaypunk
Created: July 19, 2007
Taken: 111 times
Rated: G

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Created by mickaypunk and taken 111 times on Bzoink
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My Chemical Romance or Fall Out Boy?
The Used or From First to Last?
Bayside or Sublime?
The Academy is... or Cute is what we aim for?
Hinder or Boys Like Girls?
Cartel or Yellowcard?
Silversun Pickups or Silverstein?
Daft Punk or Imogen Heap?
Placebo or Saosin?
ACDC or Metallica?
Plain White T's or New Found Glory?
Three Days Grace or Godsmack?
Sum41 or NOFX?
AFI or Evanences
Coheed and Cambria orTaking Back Sunday?
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus or Sugarcult?
Rammstein or White Zombie?
Blink182 or Bloodhound Gang?
The Offspring or Green Day?
Nickelback or Shinedown?
Him or Breaking Benjamin?
Linkin Park or Incibus?
Panic! At the Disco or Shiny Toy Guns?
Jimmy Eat World or Death Cab For Cutie?
Dashboard Confessional or Gym Class Heroes?
Aerosmith or Nirvana?
Hawthorne Heights or Fly Leaf?
Poison or Dio?
Good Charlotte or Simple Plan?
Paramore or Hellogoodbye?
30 seconds to Mars or Avenged Sevenfold?
As I lay Dying or Alkaline Trio?
Aiden or Bullet for My Valentine?
Dead Kennedys or The Deftones?
Gorrillaz or Greatful Dead?
Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath?
Velvet Revolver or Slayer?
Sences Fail or The Red Hot Chilly Peppers?
Killswitch Enagage or The Killers?
Smashing Pumpkins or Rancid?
Guns'n'Roses or Kiss?
The Mistfits or Muse?
Korn or Thursday?
Pantera or Tool?