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Author: txrangers8892
Created: July 31, 2007
Taken: 5,898 times
Rated: G

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MySpace Music Shuffle Survey

Created by txrangers8892 and taken 5898 times on Bzoink
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Put your iTunes, iPod, mp3 player, ect on shuffle.
Answer The Questions with the song you get.
Your wedding song:
Your bf/gf song:
The Song That best describes your life:
The Song That will/did describe your first kiss:
The Song That will be played at your funeral:
The Song That Best Describes your Childhood:
The Song You Listen to When Your Mad:
When Your Sad:
When Your Happy:
When Your Excited:
When Your Stressed:
The Song you listen to when your in love with someone:
The First Day Of School:
The Last Day Of School:
Fight Song:
Before The Big Game:
When You See Your Crush:
Song That Describes Your School:
Song that Describes Your Town:
Song That Describes how you feel when your sick:
The Song That Goes Through Your Head When Your Getting A Haircut:
Song That Describes Your Favorite Teacher:
Song That Describes Your Religion:
The Song That You Air Guitar To:
The Song You Dance To:
The Song You Mosh To:
The Song That Did/will Describe Your First date:
Song You Think of When You wake up:
Song You Think of Before You Go To Sleep: