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Author: lilshorty11
Created: August 20, 2007
Taken: 50 times
Rated: G

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xAbout Meex

Created by lilshorty11 and taken 50 times on Bzoink
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xOx Basics xOx
Whats Your Full Name?
What Is Your Nickname?
How Old Are You?
When Is Your Birthday?
What Town Do You Live In?
Where Are You Right Now?
xOx Appearance xOx
How Tall Are You?
Do You Consider Yourself Tall?
What Color Are Your Eyes?
What Color Is Your Hair?
Body Type? (Skinny, Average, Etc)
Are You Tan?
Do You Have Freckles?
What Are You Wearing Now?
xOx Friends xOx
Who Is/Are Your BestFriend(s)?
Who's The Craziest?
Who's The Loudest?
Who's The Shyest?
Who Are You With The Most?
Who Can You Trust?
Who Can't You Trust?
Who's The Shortest Boy & Girl?
Who's The Tallest Boy & Girl?
xOx Family xOx
What's Your Moms Name?
What's Your Dads Name?
Do You Have Siblings?
What Are Your Aunts Names?
What Are Your Uncles Names?
What Cousin(s) Are You Closest To?
Who Is Your Youngest Cousin?
Who Is Your Oldest Cousin?
Do You Have All Your Grandparents?
Do You Love Your Family?
xOx In The Opposite Sex xOx
Whats The Best Eye Color?
Whats The Best Hair Color?
How Tall Do You Want Them?
How Much Do You Want Them To Weigh?
Older or Younger?
Any Must-Have Traits?
Cute or Hot?
Sweet or Mean?
Romantic or Corny?
Would You Ever Date A Different Race?
Would You Date Outside Of Your Religion?
xOx Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Crush xOx
Do You Have A Boyfriend?
Do You Have A Girlfriend?
Do You Like/Love Someone?
Whats Their Name?
How Old Are They?
What Color Hair?
Do You Want To Be With Them Now?
Do They Play Sports?
Do They Go To Your School?
How Long Do You Want To Be Together?
xOx Firsts xOx
First Kiss?
First Crush?
First Pet?
First School?
First Bestfriend?
First Near-Death Experience?
First Enemy?
First Sport Joined/Played?
First Award/Ribbon/Trophy?
xOx Lasts xOx
Last Kiss?
Last Person Called?
Last Person To Call You?
Last Outgoing Text?
Last Incoming Text?
Last Drink?
Last Food Eaten?
Last Time You Smiled?
Last Time You Cried?
Last Friends You Hung Out With?
Last IM?
Last Message Sent?
Last Message Recieved?
xOx Favorites xOx
Kind of Pants?
Sport to Watch?
Spot to Play?
Time of The Day?
Thing To Do?
Drink (Non-Alcoholic)?
Drink (Alcoholic)?
xOx Over.. xOx
Its Over..Are You Glad?