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Author: mahagrl
Created: November 6, 2007
Taken: 2,736 times
Rated: PG

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Inner Personality

Created by mahagrl and taken 2736 times on Bzoink
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Body Expert
How long are your nails?
Do you have piercings?
Innie or outtie belly button?
Do you wear braces?
Do you wear glasses?
What underwear do you prefer?
Do you shower daily?
Do you brush your teeth?
Do you wear deoderant?
Do you consider yourself pretty?
Do you like your hair?
If you could, what would you change?
What do people like most about your body?
Are you healthy?
Material Life
Where do you buy your clothes?
What shoes do you where?
Do you come from money?
Do you need "stuff" to make you happy?
Who bought the car you own?
Do you pay your bills?
Do you spend money wisely?
What do you spend on yourself in a month?
Do you wear make-up every day?
Do you eat out a lot?
Do you give to charities?
Are you spoiled?
Do you spoil others?
Morality In Question
Do you go out of the way to help others?
Do you judge people by their clothes?
Do you feel above others?
Do you look down on 'poor' people?
Do you give to the homeless?
Do you glare at people who look at you?
Do you start arguments?
Are you a peace maker?
Do you think most others are unintelligent?
Are you inlove with yourself?
Do you try to change others?
Do you commit revenge?
Do you hold grudges?
Do you go into rages?
Are you considerate of others feelings?
If you could get away with it, would you...?
Steal a million dollars?
Beat someone you disliked up?
Kill someone?
Take hard-core drugs?
Party all the time?
Have sex with anyone?
Destroy someones reputation?
Run someone over?
Punch someone you were mad at?
Rob a bank?
Black-mail someone?
Kidnap someone for ransom?
Sexually abuse someone?
Run naked down the street?
Pee in a public place?
Throw food at someone you didn't know?
Have sex in a public area?
Trash anothe'rs property?
Buy stolen property?
Graffiti someone's car?
Cheat on your spouse?
Kill a nieghboor's pet?
Frame someone for a crime you commited?
Light someone's house on fire?
Hypnatize a room of people?
Brain wash to have followers?
Force another to do what you want?
Destroy a relationship to get your way?
Hurt someone who loves you?
True Self
Are you predictable?
Who do you love?
Have you cried over a broken heart?
Do you make jokes about others?
What clique might someone think you are?
Do you love life?
Will you protect a friend from the truth?
Who has broken your trust?
Whose trust have you broken?
Do you like yourself?
What's your best trait?
What's your worst trait?
Do you gossip?
Do you brag a lot?
What do you like, as....
IQ in someone you're attracted to?
Eye color?
Hair Color?
Body type?
Personality in another?
Smell on another?
Alcoholic beverage?
Date spot?
Facial feature on another?
Body part of another?
Worldly views of another?
Religion of another?
Edgucation of another?
Cleanliness of another?