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Author: gd-mcr-fan
Created: January 11, 2008
Taken: 71 times
Rated: G

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Boyfriend Application

Created by gd-mcr-fan and taken 71 times on Bzoink
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Weight [Dont Care]:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Marital Status:
Sexual Orientation:
Do You Smoke [Ciggerettes]:
If So, What Kind?:
Do You Do Drugs:
If So, What Kind?:
Do You Drink?:
If So, What Kind?:
Do You Have Childeren?:
What Grade Are You In?:
What State Do You Live In?:
Do You Drive? Or Learning To Drive?:
Do You Have Piercings:
Do You Have Tattoos:
Favorite Drink [NonAlcholic]:
Favorite Food:
List 3 Favorite Movies:
3 Favorite TV Shows:
3 Favorite Bands:
3 Favorite Songs:
3 Favorite Places To Shop:
Do You Like Starbucks:
If So, What Do You Get There?:
Do You Have A Job:
If So, Where Do You Work:
How Much Do You Get Paid An Hour:
Do You Have A Cell Phone:
If So, Whats Your Number [I only text]:
Do You Have A Myspace:
If So, What's Your Myspace URL [mine is www.myspace.com/fearture]:
How Long Ago Did Your Last Relationship End?:
Why Did It End?:
Do You Still Like/Love Them?:
Are You Really Interested In A Long Distance Relationship or Just Bored:
Favorite Color/s?:
Do You Like Going To Concerts?:
If So, What Band/s Have You Gone To?:
Do You Have MSN or AIM?:
What Is Your Email?:
Favorite Place To Hang Out With Friends Or Whoever You Hang Out With?:
What Do People Lable You As? [IDC i'm Anti-Lable]:
What Are Your Phobias [Fears]:
What Paranoids You?:
What Makes You Super Happy:
What's Your Best Day Ever?:
What Languages Do You Speak?:
What Classes Are You Currently Taking?:
What Do You Like In A Girl?
Do You Like Shy Girls?:
Does Weight Matter?:
If So, How Much Is Your Weight Limit?:
What Physical Appearence Do You Like In A Girl?:
What Kind Of Personality Do You Like In A Girl?:
Favorite Animal:
Do You Play Any Instruments?:
What Do You Usually Wear?:
Favorite Brand Of Shoes?:
Do You Wear Eye-Liner?:
Give Me A Quote:
Favorite Kind Of Movie:
What Is Your Least Favorite Food:
What Is Your Least Favorite Thing To Do:
Dream Job:
Do You Want Kids In The Future:
Message Me!: