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Author: dewdyke
Created: February 8, 2008
Taken: 574 times
Rated: G

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U aint seen nutting yet

Created by dewdyke and taken 574 times on Bzoink
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What were you doing at midnight last night
Do you talk in your sleep
When was the last time you cried
Do you eat your spagetti on a plate or in a bowl
What was the last thing you ate
Have you cuddled on the floor in front of a fireplace
Have you ever been snorkeling
What is your idea of the perfect meal
What was the last movie you seen
Do you sing along with the radio in your car/truck
Have you ever preformed first aid on anyone
What size shoe do you wear
Do you wear socks even if there are holes in them
Ever got lost in a strange town while traveling
Whats your ring tone on your cell phone
Have you ever said the phrase 'Lets git er dun'
Do you have cable or sattelite
What is the last CD you listened to
Ever been to a rodeo
Ever ridden a horse
Or a bull
Do you floss AND brush every day
Do you belong to a gym
If you could choose any country to visit, where would you go
If you could go back in time to any era, which one would you choose
Would you rather be the US persident, a rock star, or a movie star
Do you feel loved by somebosy
When was the last time you had a nap
What brand of shampoo do you use most
Do you own a plasma TV
What brands of cold cereal do you prefer
How many hours of sleep did you get last night
How often do you talk with your parents
What was the make of your first vehicle
Have ya ever fished in the ocean
Whats the last appliance you bought
Do you wait for more than one light bulb to go out before changing them
What brand is your cell phone
Do you have a fax machine in your home
Do you live in an apartment or a house
What are your phobias
Have you ever been to a psychiatrist
What is your favorite decoration thats in your home
Do you consider your wardrobe to be stylish
How mant pairs of shoes do you own right now
Is the furniture in your home more about style, comfort, or price
What did you pay for your last haircut
What is something you never remember to get when you shop
How many email accounts do you have
How many computers are in your home
Do you prefer to eat dinner at the table or on the couch
Whats you favorite food that your mom makes
Where was the last place you drove to
How many times a month do you eat fastfood
When was the last time you had pizza delivered
What kind of pizza was it
Whats your favorite snack to eat when watching movies
Have you ever had a surgery? What was it for?
Have you ever changed your belief just to appease smeone
1rst thing you would buy if you won 1 million dollars
What was the last fun thing you did
Do you wear (or need to wear) glasses
Whats something you currently keep putting off
Whats the worst date you ever went on
Whats the best date you ever been on
Has anyone ever won you a teddy bear at a carnival
Have you ever sang karaoke
Whats the name of your pet (or pets)
Do you believe in ghosts
Do you believe in psychic ability
Do you believe in UFO's
Have you ever been on a cruise
What was the last alcoholic beverage you had
Have you ever been diagnosed with depression
Are you generally a 'glass is half empty' or a 'glass is half full' person
Have ya ever had an ingrown toenail
Do you snore
What was the last restaraunt you ate at
How much money did you spend the last time you went grocery shopping
Do you prefer to shop online or at the store
Do you purchase the extended warranties on your electronic purchases
When was the last time you pulled over by the police
Ever had a speeding ticket
Who was your last voicemail from
Whats one of the hardest things you have faced
Do you have deep secrets that nobody knows about
What was the last food that you craved
What brand of soda pop do you prefer
What is your favorite flavor ice cream
Whats the longest you have went w/out sleep
Whats the 1rst thing you notice when 1rst meeting people
How many credit cards do you have
Who was your last person to visit you at home
Whats the last thing you were angry about
Do you own a gun
Whats you favorite (or favorites):
Brand of jeans
Singer or Band
Fast food restaraunt
Kind of cheese
Brand of computer
Reality show
Slang word or phrase
Subject in school
Way to relieve stress
Breed of dogs
Pet store
Grocery store
Brand of pain reliever
Brand of toothpaste
Type of fish (to eat)
Way to prepare chicken
A few more lil tid bits about me
Do you have any hobbies? If yes, what?
Are you allergic to anything? If yes, What?
What are wearing right now
Do you like to read in bed
What do you put on your hot-dogs
When was your last visit to your Doctor
When was your last Dentist visit
Do you consider yourself a good cook
Whats the 1 food that you make the best
Do you prefer charcoal or propane for your BBQer
Whats the worst injury you have sustained
What kind of homeade cookie do you like best
How much relaxing 'you' do you get in an average day
Name one quirky thing about you
What do you think is your best quality
What is your worst quality
Are you an impulsive person
Do you vote
Are you in favor of or against the death penalty
Do you trust and respect the police
Did you know that Abe Lincoln had wooden dentures
What is your favorite cartoon character
Ever been to an opera before
Have you ever spent $300 or more on any one piece of clothing
Whats one thing you usually splurge on
What is your #1 weakness
Do you consider yourself to be a happy person in general
Do you know how to square dance
Whats one decision you wish you had made different
Name one thing you never leave home without
What is something you have always wanted to do but havent done
Do you have outdated food in your fridge right now
Pick one word that you think best describes you
One thing that happened within your life span that you will never forget
What was your favorite childhood game
Whats the meanest thing anybody has ever said to you
Whats the biggest compliment you ever recieved
Do you love thunder storms
List everything thats on your bedside nightstand now
Whats your favorite kind of jam
Whats the best halloween costume u ever had
This, That , or the Other
hunting, fishing, or neither
dancing, singing, or neither
Chinese food, Italian food, or Other
Baseball, Football, Basketball, or Other
Chicken, Pork, Beef, Fish, or Otherr
Baths, Showers or Other
Bar soap, Liquid soap, or Other
Hamburgers, Hot dogs, or Other
Macaroni salad, Potato salad, or Other
Ford, Chevy, Dodge, or Other
Flannel sheets, Cotton sheets, Satin sheets, or Other
Comedy, Drama, Horror, Action, or Other
Over easy, Scrambled, Omllettes, Poached, or Other
Just a few more tid-bits
What are your favorite herbs and spices
How many times in a month you eat frozen dinners
What color are your eyes
Do you have any tattoos
have you ever streaked naked on a dare
Are you accident prone
What is one political issue that you feel the strongest about
What is your opinion or belief about it
When was your last hug
When was your last kiss
Whats you favorite disney movies
Are you in a relationship right now