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Author: randombanana
Created: February 20, 2008
Taken: 115 times
Rated: PG

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random questions

Created by randombanana and taken 115 times on Bzoink
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would you ever pet a lion?
do you like the smell of roses?
do you sleep in pajam pants?
what type of cell phone do you have?
what type of movied do you like?
what was the last movie you saw?
whats your favorite song?
do you like bongs?
what about thongs?
what type of novels do you like?
what was the last book you read?
who are your best friends?
do you have any glazed donuts?
do you have any jelly donuts?
you got any poverian cream donuts?
do you have any cinaamon rolls?
do you have any apple fritters?
do you have any bear claws?
do you like weasels?
what is your dream guy/girl?
what is your ideal date?
do you hate the cowboys?
are you going to get hammered when you turn 21
do you have bats in your chimney?
what are you wearing right now?
do you drink tea?
do you like peas?
is this boring you right now?
do you like laser tag?
do you have hair or are you bald?
what was the worst things anyone has ever called you?
do you like apples?
do you want to go to england?
do you have green eyes?
do your eyes remind you of the color of grass?
do you like to eat grass?
do you want to go to albuqurque?
do you like mushrooms?
would you ever chop off someones arms legs with a chainsaw?
do you like shiny objects?
do you believ in magic?
do you steal sunshine?
do you like the scent of pine?
do you like s'mores
do you like to go to the store?
do you dress up to go to a grocery store?
I want to answer more?
do you like pie?
what do you think of when i say band aid?
do you smoke?
do you a glow in the dark snorkel?
has that snorkel been just like a snorkel to you?
do you like the smell of roses?
are you white and nerdy?
do you make funny faces in the mirror?
what do you do when your mad?
do you like canaries?
what about cherries?
any other elder berries?
is your tongue split on half?
do you hit people for no reason?
have you ever been arrested?
and if so what about?
have you had a barmitsvah?
or was she siting next to you
have you ever gotten drunk?
do you shower daily?
if so do you smell?
what type of shampoo do use?
do you like the smell of your best friends hair?
who are your best friends?
are your best friends odd?
do you like the name todd?
do you think hes god?
des he have a hot bod?
do you trip on your feet?
do you like to be random?
do you have any piercings?
would you pierce your nose?
how about your nipple?
do you think you will live older than 81?
do you love gum?
do you want some?
do you like kool aid?
what about bread?
would you shoot someone over ooney
can you do a pig call?
do you yoodel?
do you canoodle?
do you like dr suess?
what about new boots?
are you smarter than a door knob?
do you drink anti freeze?
is it sweet?
or did it takste like meat?
is your butt cold
do you like to eat mold?
do you like to doodle little hearts?
are you thinking of someone when you do?
do you like shoes?
do you drink booze?
do you like to snooze?
do you like potatoes?
if so what type?
woud you eat a house?
would you eat a mouse?
would you douse someone in kerosene?
if you do would you light them on fire?
would you anme your kid superfly?
are you pretty fly
Do you want to canada
what about albuqurque
do you get cold?
do you like celine dion?
do you lik mac and cheese?
what about rice?
have you ever niffed coke?
if so has an ice cube got stuck on your nose?
do you like chickens?
what about ducks?
do you cluck?
what about buck?
do you go to church?
do you have a boyfriend?
what about a girlfriend?
do you like someone but are afraid to tell them?
do you like monkeys?
what about the band the monkees?
do you burst out in song randomly?
do you say the wrong thing at the wrong time?
have you ever gotten your butt kicked?
if so why?
did you almost die?
so turn your playlist on shuffle.. what song is playing now?
does your crush know you like him/her
are you in a gang?
will you do anything for your friends?
do you like the black eyed peas?
what about snow?
do you like to blow bubbles?
do you like bubble baths?
what about math?
do you bathe everyday?
do you like english people?
would you jump off a bridge because everyone else does?
are you tired of this survey
do youlike to sing?
have you ever been bitten?
if so why?
do you want to die?
do you like rye?
my oh my
would you steal your best friends boyfriend away?
would you lie?
would you like to go over the rainbow?
can you taste the rainbow?
do you want to go to a paris?
have you ever confessed?
what is the greates thing you'll ever learn?
well good bye