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Author: brunettechick128
Created: March 8, 2008
Taken: 564 times
Rated: PG

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Long This Or That

Created by brunettechick128 and taken 564 times on Bzoink
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High School Musical or Phantom Of The Opera:
The Chronicles Of Narnia or The Spiderwick Chronicles:
Just Like Heaven or Just Friends:
In The Land Of Women or Romeo And Juliet:
1408 or The Messengers:
Dead Silence or White Noise:
Walmart or Target:
Kohl's or KMart:
Hot Topic or Abercrombie:
Hollister or Pac Sun:
Wet Seal or Vanity:
The Mall or Walmart:
Giant Eagle or IGA:
Jeans or Shorts:
Capris or Skirts:
Skirts or Jeans:
Shorts or Capris:
Band Tees or Halters:
Tank Tops or Wife Beaters:
Graphic Tees or Tube Tops:
Converse Shoes or Flip Flops:
Flip Flops or Vans:
Spagehetti or Salad:
Soup or French Fries:
Tacos or Quesadillas:
Hot Peppers or Sweet Peppers:
Onions or Tomatoes:
Cheese or Bread:
Taco Bell or Pizza Hut:
Olive Garden or Steak N' Shake:
KFC or Long John Silver's:
Wendy's or Hardy's:
Paramore or Ozzy Osbourne:
Flyleaf or Jon McLaughlin:
Boys Like Girls or My Chemical Romance:
Taylor Swift or Rihanna:
Paramore or Boys Like Girls:
John Mayer or Jon McLaughlin:
Rock or Rap:
Acoustic or Country:
Punk or Metal:
Slipknot or The Misfits:
Snow or Sunshine:
Hearts or Stars:
Love or Hate:
Friends or Foes:
Day or Night:
Sunrise or Sunset:
Funny or Serious:
Rollercoasters or Water Slides:
Marilyn Monroe or Judy Garland:
iTunes or Windows Media Player:
Vanilla or Cherry:
Cats or Dogs:
Beach or Ice Tundra:
Surveys or Quizzes:
Myspace or Facebook:
Cars or Trucks:
Mustang or Porsche:
Fire or Ice:
Gum or Mints:
Bath or Shower:
Pink or Blue:
Green or Black:
Red or Orange:
Yellow or Purple:
Love or Laugh:
Live or Die:
Flowers or Candy:
Gummies or Chocolate:
Skittles or M&M's:
Movies or TV:
Purse or Wallet:
Lipgloss or Chapstick:
Tic Tac Toe or X's and O's:
Summer Cottage or Mansion:
Beach House or Apartment:
Penthouse or Lighthouse:
***THE END***