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Author: xxrachaelxx
Created: May 20, 2008
Taken: 85 times
Rated: G

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bored?take this

Created by xxrachaelxx and taken 85 times on Bzoink
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Where was your first kiss?
Is marvel cool?
What time is it?
Cheetos are cool,right?
Do you know who made this Survery?
What are your nicknames?
Why are you takeing this?
Are you friends with the creator of this Survery?
Who is better boys like girls or paramore?
Whos hotter Joe Jonas or Nick Jonas?
Whats to your right?
Whats to your left?
What about in front of you?
Behind you?
And under you?
Whats your favorite color?
Whats your middle name?
Is this fun?
Do you like Rachael Morrison,as a friend.
Whats your favorite store?
What do people label you and why?
Superheros are awesome,right?
Who are you mad at ?
Do you think the TV should not have comercials?
# 25 is really cool!!soo make your own question and anwser it.
Whats your favorite thing in a puzzle book?
Who created Medicine?
Do you believe in God.
Are you random?
What do you think about CHEEZ-ITS?
What color are your pants,shorts,etc.
What color is your shirt?
Whats on your shirt?
Do you have socks on?
Do they match?
Are you wearing a belt?
If you are what kind?
Wheres it from?
What color are your nails?
Do you like Yellow?
Do you like takeing pictures?
Whats your look on emos?
Whats your look on preps?
Whats your look on geeks?
Whats your favorite candy?
Who do you regret the most dateing?
What noise do you hear?
Be honest,are u scared of silence?
Is Bzoink cool?
Do you think alot of drama comes from Myspace?
Was the Simpsons movie funny?
What are you obbessed with?or who?
Do you like fluffy,flat,or medium pillows?
yerr 56 boii..is Burger King nasty?
Do rumors bother you?
What time is it now!?!?!?
Have you had a animal pass away and cry about it?
Who all knows about your biggest secret?