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Author: nerdyzombie
Created: June 10, 2008
Taken: 554 times
Rated: PG

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Zombie apocalypse

Created by nerdyzombie and taken 554 times on Bzoink
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About you?
Have you seen many zombie movies?
Do you know how to kill a zombie?
Would you consider yourself strong?
Able to run for long periods at a time?
Have any experience with guns?
How about explosives?
How big is the city you live in?
Afraid of hights?
Are you good at building?
How about working with electricity?
Your opinion
How would the outbreak Start?
How fast would the outbreak spread?
How would the outbreak make it to differnt continents?
Do you scare easy?
Would you perfer to run or fight a group of zombies?
Blunt or blade weapons?
Shotty or rifle?
Physical weapon of choice
Gun of choice
The one weapon that wouldent leave your side?
Could you make explosives?
Bulk of weapons or quality of weapons?
What is the closest thing to you that could be used as a weapon?
What would you do?
Transportation of choice?
Where would you go for your base?
Why there?
What would you do when you first enter a house?
How would you open doors?
You see something moving outside, how do you react?
What is more important, safety or supplies?
How many zombies surrounding your base would it take for you to flee?
When you find a survivor, what is your first action
After you"re safe in your base, what will you do to keep yourself sane?
What would you do if you get bitten?
could you kill a freind if they get bitten?
What if it was a lover?
Supplies (food, water, weapons, ect.)
How would you carry your supplies?
How much supplies would you carry with you?
When would you go looking for supplies?
Would you carry more food or weapons?
Frozen or canned food?
Where would you stop first when looking for supplies?
Who would be in your group?
About your group
are they close freind or just people you know would survive?
If you could save anyone that isent near you, who would it be?
Would you travel to save anyone?
How far?
Who would it be?
Who would carry the ammo?
Who would enter the rooms first?
Who would you trust carry the food?
Who would you trust to watch behind the group?
Who knows the most Zombie logic?
Who would you eat if you ran out of food?
Who is the fastest?
Who is the strongest?
Who would drive the vehicle?
Who would slow you down?
Who would you trust to carry the only gun?
Who would turn into a zombie first?
Most street smart?
Most booksmart?
Final Thoughts
Could you survive?