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About This Survey

Author: fabricated-mistakes
Created: June 10, 2008
Taken: 182 times
Rated: R

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About Me

Created by fabricated-mistakes and taken 182 times on Bzoink
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The Basics
Introduce yourself:
Hair color:
Eye color:
Favorite color(s):
Favorite band(s):
Favorite/Best friend(s):
Favorite book(s):
Favorite food(s):
Favorite clothing:
Favorite animal:
Favorite curse word:
People In Your Life
Mother's name:
Father's name:
Sibling's name(s):
How many siblings:
Aunts and Uncles:
Favorite relative:
Best friend(s) name(s):
How many best friends:
Their name:
What do you want to do with your life:
Want to go to college:
Do you plan on getting married:
Want any kids:
If so, how many:
What age do you want to graduate and start your life:
How much do you wish you could make in your career idea:
Are you happy with what you love to do:
Do you plan to stick with it forever:
Do you currently like anybody:
How old are they:
Where do they live:
How long have you known them:
What do they look like:
Their hobbies:
Their birthday:
Their favorite color(s):
Their first name:
Do you know their middle name:
Wrap It Up
Do you drive:
Do you drink:
Do you smoke:
Are you sexually active:
Do you obey your parent's rules:
Have you ever been arrested:
Do you regret anything:
If so, what:
What are you listening to: