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Author: stupendous-surveys
Created: June 24, 2008
Taken: 150 times
Rated: G

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Warning: This Survey Is Filled With Hardcore Awesomeness!

Created by stupendous-surveys and taken 150 times on Bzoink
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What's Your Grandpa's Middle Name?
Have You Ever Swallowed Anything Unusual?
What's Your Favorite State?
What's Your Favorite Reality Show?
Do You Like Vegetables?
What Does Your Mom Do For A Living?
What Color Are Your Socks?
Have You Ever Gotten A Pink Slip? What For?
If You Were Invisible, What Would You Do?
What Time Did You Wake Up Today?
Do You Have A Favorite Stuffed Animal?
What's The Closest Purple Thing To You?
Have You Bathed Today?
Where Do You Want To Go To College?
What Color Are Your Bed Sheets?
Have You Ever Been To Canada?
What Did You Dream About Last Night?
Do You Have A Crush?
How Many Times In The Past Year Have You Been Drunk?
Are You Related To Anyone Who Is A Lawyer?
How About A Pilot?
Do You Like Denzel Washington?
Do You Have A Digital Camera?
If So, Go To The Third Picture & Describe What You See:
If You Could Nominate ANYONE For President, Who Would You Pick?
What Do You Like On Your Pizza?
What's Your Schools Mascot?
What's Your Grandma's Name?
Look Out The Nearest Window, What Do You See?
What Is Your Favorite Song Right Now?
Do You Have Any Pets? What Are There Names?
What's Your Favorite Number? Why?
Whats Your Favorite Sports Team?
Who Is Your Best Friend?
What Color Are Your Underwear?
Do You Watch Oprah?
What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?
When's The Last Time You Saw Your Cousin?
What's Your Favorite Amusement Park?
Do You Shave Any Part Of Your Body? Where?
What Was Your Favorite Christmas Present Last Year?
What Did You Eat For Lunch Yesterday?
What Do You Think About Arkansas?
Have You Ever Been To Jamaica?
What Is Your Opinion On This Survey?