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Author: alexkoolaidluver94
Created: June 24, 2008
Taken: 640 times
Rated: G

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Ultimate All About Me

Created by alexkoolaidluver94 and taken 640 times on Bzoink
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Full name?
Like your name?
If not, what name would you like to have?
When is your birthday?
Happy where you are?
Hair Color?
Eye Color?
Happy with your appearance?
Anything about your appearance that you want to change?
How's your style?
Are you more preppy or sporty?
Happy with your personality?
Get along with people easily?
People get along with you easily?
Got a girlfriend/boyfriend?
How many (MySpace) friends do you have?
How many top friends?
Got anyone on your friends list that you dislike?
Get a lot of comments/messages from one certain person?
Anyone get on your nerves with comments/messages?
Like anyone on your top friends?
They like you back?
When did you last change your layout?
What's your current layout?
Current profile song?
Last thing you blogged about?
Last bulletin posted?
Current mood?
Have i asked enough MySpace questions?
Favorite song?
Favorite (music) solo artist?
Favorite (music) group?
Favorite (music) duo?
Favorite music video?
Favorite album?
Last concert attended?
Next concert attending?
Favorite concert attended?
Ready to move to a new topic?
Favorite movie?
Last movie watched?
Last movie seen in theaters?
Last movie purchased (DVD/BluRay/etc.)?
Favorite type of movie?
Saddest movie you've seen?
Funniest movie you've seen?
Favorite actor?
Best book made into a movie?
I'll bet you're tired of answering questions about movies, am I right?
Last TV show watched?
Favorite TV show?
Funniest TV show?
Best TV network?
Best TV theme song?
Best character from any TV show?
Best TV actor?
TV actress?
Funniest TV character?
Best cartoon?
Cartoon character?
Best year for television?
Ready for a new topic?
Best Friend #1?
Best Friend #2?
Best Friend #3?
Best Friend #4?
Best Friend #5?
Best Friend #6?
Best Friend #7?
Best Friend #8?
Best Friend #9?
Best Friend #10?
Where did you meet this person?
Male or female?
Younger or older?
Where do you like to hang out with this person?
Ever been to his/her house?
How long have you known this person?
Can you trust this person?
Where did you meet this person?
Talk in person or text/IM/etc. more?
Ever had a crush on this person?
They ever had a crush on you?
How do you spend your time with this person?
How did you meet this person?
Done anything big (vacations/etc.) with this person?
Ever kissed this person?
Next time you plan to see this person?
Do his/her parents like you?
Ever spend Christmas with this person?
Is this person friendly?
Favorite memory with this person?
Last time you talked to this person?
Got this person's phone number?
Last thing you did with this person?
Next thing you're doing with this person?
Ever got into an argument with this person?
Any inside jokes with this person?
Ever hung out with this person outside of school?
Do your parents like this person?
Ever been to this person's house?
Do you talk to them a lot?
Got this person's email address?
Go to school with this person?
This person have a MySpace?
Have you ever liked this person as "more than a friend"?
Favorite memory with this person?
Has this person ever been to your house?
This person know your parents?
Does this person brag a lot?
Ever get annoyed by this person?
This person have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
Ever dated this person?
Ever been to a sleepover with this person?
Live near this person?
Ever shared a hotel room with this person?
Think this person is good looking?
Go to school with this person?
Go to this person's house a lot?
Ever liked this person?
Had any great memories with this person?
This person have a MySpace?
Where did you meet this person?
When did you meet this person?
Do you like pie?
Do you watch Naruto?
Got anyone you just particularly can't stand?
Want to push this person off the edge of the Earth?
Full size or twin bed?
Do you like Jay-Z?
What about Nickelback?
Jordin Sparks?
Tired of these questions?
Any dreams you want to pursue?
Did I spell that word right?
How do you spell it?
Last question, did you like this survey?