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Author: jimmii-ox
Created: July 11, 2008
Taken: 724 times
Rated: G

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B e s t F r i e n d s , o x

Created by jimmii-ox and taken 724 times on Bzoink
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Y o u , o x
Your Name
Your Hair Colour
Your Eye Colour
Your Birthday
B e s t F r i e n d , o x
Best Friends Name
Best Friends Hair Colour
Best Friends Eye Colour
Best Friends Birthday
Y o u & Y o u r B e s t F r i e n d , o x
How long hve you known each other
Your favourite thing to do together
Craziest thing you have done together
Amount of time you spend together [in days per week =) ]
M o r e Y o u // M o r e H e r // B o t h
Always Eating
Always Drinking
Always Out
Always In
Always Spending
Always Revising
Always Texting
Always Talking

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