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Author: 208n8tive
Created: July 21, 2008
Taken: 71 times
Rated: PG

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what if zombies.....

Created by 208n8tive and taken 71 times on Bzoink
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what if zombies could run?
what if zombies didnt die?
do you think Zombies will show one day?
how would you like to kill zombies?
how many ppl would be in your crew?
would you carry any sharp objects?
what kinda ride would you have?
how many n8tives would you pick up?
what if you were alone in the world of zombies?
you got a class 5 of zombies and you only have a knife what do you do?
you have one friend left do you repopulate?
your young and alone. do you die or live?
home alone, zombies try to break in, do you run or hide?
parents turn what do you do?
your on the roof do you stay there?
you kill your whole family are you sad?
town is bout to be bombed, what do you do?
chris brown gets attacked what do you do?
you and chris breezy are left what now?
chris is dead, just you and rihanna are left do you stick with her?
you got a car, do you know how to drive it?
do you pick up strangers?
your left with me, what now?
you get bitten, and one bullet left do you off yourself?
are you scared or happy to kill things?
do your n8tive instincts kick in?
how many zombie movies have you seen?
where do you go first?
what supplies do you get packed?
you get a flat tire at night in the middle of a class 1?
do you trust the ppl you pick up on the way?
how many zombies do you think you take out b4 you die?
sniper or run around and end zombies' lives?
would you die for someone you love?
would you die for someone you hate?
how far would you run just to get to safety?
would you be all crazy after killing alot of zombies?
where would you hide out at?
are you a team player?
the rez or town?
deagle or 50. cal?
sword or knife?
p90 or uzi while hunting zombies down?
i am gettin attacked, do you save me or not?
you are gettin attacked, do you think i would save you?