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Author: aznbaby7
Created: July 31, 2008
Taken: 3,861 times
Rated: G

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Created by aznbaby7 and taken 3861 times on Bzoink
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Let's get started here. We'll start out easy.
What's her full name?
How tall is she?
What color are her eyes?
Where does she live?
Ok now we're on favorites *Don't shoot me!*
Favorite color?
Favorite food?
Favorite drink?
Favorite movie?
Favorite band?
Favorite animal?
Favorite nickname?
Favorite activity?
Favorite sport?
Favorite song?
Favorite TV show?
Sick of favorites? I am. let's move to...school.
What school does she go to?
Does she get good grades?
Who's her favorite teacher?
Who's her least favorite teacher?
What class is she the best in?
What class is she the worst in?
No more school talk. Let's talk about....sleeping habits!
What time does she get to bed on a weekend?
Is she a heavy sleeper?
How many pillows does she sleep with?
Does she sleep with any *laughs* stuffed animals?(Kidding i do too)
Do they sleep on their side, back, or stomach?
Does she sleep with her mouth closed or open?
Does she have any weird sleep habits? (Twitching, drooling?)
Ok done with the weird sleeping habits thing. Uhm personality?
Her 3 worst personality traits?
Her 3 best personality traits?
Did you get drawn in by her personality, or her looks?
Do you think her personality will get her far in life?
Her 3 worst appearance traits?
Her 3 best appearance traits?
Do you think she's attractive?
Which of her looks do you think most people notice?
Ok who's ready for random??
Does she have freckles? If so, where?
Does she have any noticeable scars?
Does she have any nervous habits?
What calms her nerves?
Does she make you chase her or does she chase you?
Is she really shy?
Does she have a funny 'thinking' face?
Is she opinionated?
Is she a peacemaker or a fighter?
Does she have a little green monster? (meaning is she jealous)
Is she stubborn or easy going?
Does she have any mental difficenties? (OCD, stutter?)
Ok last but not least. QUICK THINKING! GO!
First mole you can think of! GO!
Birthmark! GO!
Most used makeup! GO!
Most used phrase! GO!
Ok *phew* you did it. Last few questions.
Did you know her as well as you think you did?
Do you want to know everything about her?
Do you care about her?
Does she care about you?
Are you to in *L0VE*? :]