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Author: emerilla12
Created: August 3, 2008
Taken: 25 times
Rated: G

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Random and Annoying!

Created by emerilla12 and taken 25 times on Bzoink
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HI! Whats your name?
Cool! Do you like your name?
I like it!
Whats your favorite color?
I tired, are You tired?
You have a BF/ GF?
Oh. I dont...I that bad?
Ok! Want to be Friends?
Ok! So how was your day?
Mine was ok...Whats your dogs name?
Oh...I dont have a dog
Whats your cats name?
I dont have a cat...Do you like cats?
I lvoe cats! Dog too! Play any Sports?
I play a few...What do you play?
Really? Cool. Do you like Cheese?
I cant eat cheese. How about Ham?
Ham is good, dont you think?
I need to go make more annoying quizzes
Wanna come?
You cant sorry! TTYL?