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Author: vampirexhearts
Created: August 5, 2008
Taken: 324 times
Rated: PG

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59 is quite an odd number. So are these questions.

Created by vampirexhearts and taken 324 times on Bzoink
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Do you know who Tony Bennet is?
Have you ever owned a toy alligator?
Have you ever eaten balut before?
Were you a thumb sucker when you were young?
Which hospital were you born in?
Do you know where your parents "made" you?
Name 3 shows you loved when you were a child
Would you ever kiss a stranger with herpes for a million dollars?
Say something funny.
Do you own a purple flower pencil case?
What flavor of jellybeans do you hate the most?
What color freezie do you like?
If I gave you HIV right now, what would you do?
Finish this : "I kissed a girl and I...."
Did you know that you eat about 8 spiders every year?
Who was the last person to ask you out?
Will Britney ever make a comeback?
Do you read fact books when you're bored?
Do you read books while you take a poop?
What books do you like?
If Edward Cullen came to life, would you marry him?
A farmer has 17 sheep, all but 7 die. How many sheep are there left?
Is that Micheal Jackson behind you?!
Do you like soulja boy?
If you saw a young boy walk by, would you throw a rock at him?
You should watch the Dark knight, it's an awesome movie.
How's the weather up there?
How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
Are your feet tanned?
Are you hairy?
What color are your crush's eyes?
How many teeth do you have?
Where will your next sleeping place be?
Do you like the smell of skunks when they release their odor?
Finish this sentence..."Miley Cyrus is a..."
Do you know what a samosa is?
Can you locate where Tirana and Rome are on a map?
Who has the biggest brain?!
Are you good in Geography?
What model is your cellphone?
Dirty-ist country you've visited?
What's the longest word you know?
Shower - hot or cold?
Are you mad at anything?
Last time you wore a bikini?
Favorite pro wrestler?
What would you do if a hobo came up to you and started taking pictures?
Have you ever seen a giraffe before?
On a rating of 1 to 10, rate how pretty Jessica Alba is.
Would you date someone that's complete opposite of you?
What would you do if you saw your dream guy with one of your friends?
Do you like Hippos?
What is your favorite animated movie?
Would you go streaking across a school for a pack of gum?
Name someone who looked drunk on a class picture.
Have you ever mistakened a boy for a girl, or a girl for a boy?
What are your thoughts on George Bush?
How crazy were these questions?