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Author: verlyncia
Created: August 13, 2008
Taken: 318 times
Rated: PG

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Guy Friends

Created by verlyncia and taken 318 times on Bzoink
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Top Guys
Have you and one ever seen eachother more than friends?
What if three said he love you, would you be happy, sad or surpirsed?
Would you let four sleep over?
is Five Gay?
Which one of your guy friends look the best?
Say two was dating your best friend, how would you react?
Say one and five got into a fight, who side would you choose?
Did you date any of your guy friends?
If another boy hit you which one would beat they ass?
Which one would do nothing?
Would you do anything for two even if it means death?
Which one??
is the Funniest?
is the meanest?
has the biggest package...lolz?
the best style?
The shortest?
The tallest?
The Freakiest?
watch alot of porn or read nast magazines?
you talked to the most?
you like to talk to the most?
the fattest?
the skinnest?
Time To get Personal?
Do you love one of your guy friends and they know it?
Have you broke any of their hearts?
If you could say anything to three right now,what would it be?
Do you feel comfortable with one in the same room?
You have 10 minutes ALONE with five, what would you do?
Do you and two have an everlasting connection no one knows about?
Do you and four get along most of the time?
Done Any Dirty Dirty With Any?
Which ones?
If not do you want to?
Which one do you want to do it with?
Are All of them friends with eachother?
Which one would you live with??