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About This Survey

Author: yuhaistasan
Created: August 18, 2008
Taken: 494 times
Rated: PG

Under the Surface... not so common susrvey

Created by yuhaistasan and taken 494 times on Bzoink
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To begin:
Your Name
What age do you feel like
current residence
where you wish you could be now
where you've already been
parents still married
eye color
hair color
natural hair color!
skin tone
star sign
Day to Day
when do you wake up
what's the first thing you think when waking
Do you eat breakfast
What's your dress style
What do you do for work
Do you go to school
What do you like best about school/work
What do you hate the most
When do you go to sleep
What is your mode of transportation
Do you live alone
What type of person you are
Introverted or extroverted
Are you a happy person
do you get moody
Biggest pet peeve
Do you finish what you start
Punctual or always late
Are you book smart
Do you have any common sense
How do you learn best
Right or left-brained?
Objective or Subjective POV
Who was the last person you helped
What did you do for them
Are you spontanious or predictable
Name 3 goals you have
goal #1
goal #2
List 5 things that make you happy
thing #1
thing #2
thing #3
thing #4
thing #5
are you a romantic, partier, or other...
favorite drink
alcoholic beverage
place to visit
tv show
thing to do with your free time
swear word
thing that you own
moment you've had
Tell us more....
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal or blanket
Do you dream
What's the craziest thing you've done sober
Would you consider yourself "wierd" or "crazy"
What's the best time of the year
What was the hardest thing you've had to do
Have you achieved any goals or won any awards
How's life treating you right now
Are you good with kids
What are you afraid of
What are you definitely not afraid of
are you religious
If you were a crayon color, what color would you be
how about if you were a type of candy
If you're life were a movie or a book, what would the title be
What are you religious beliefs
Do you believe in ghosts
Do you believe in psychics
You think horoscopes are true
Do you think we're the only world with life in it?
Are aliens real
What happens when we die
What is your political view
What is the most important thing in life
what is your view on gay marriage
how do you feel about abortion
the death penalty
do you believe people are ultimately good
is there a heaven and a hell
do you believe everyone deserves a second chance
justice is blind
is fate a real thing
how do you feel about karma
childhood, teens and college - unwrapped!
What is your earliest memory
Do you think you had a good childhood
what was your worst childhood habit
Did you enjoy being a kid
what's your happiest childhood memory
what's your most embarrassing moment
Did you like school
Did you belong to a clique
What were your afterschool activities
What was your favorite subject
Did you keep the same friends all through school
who was your favorite teacher and why
Were you a troubled teen
rule breaker or goody-goody
Did you go to college
are you still in college
for what
was college good for you
why or why not
did you party or study more
live on campus or off
Love, Lust, and Romance
Have you ever been in love
Had your heart broken
Broken someone else's heart
Intentionally hurt your bf/gf
Have you ever said "I love you" and not meant it
Lied to a loved one
Pretended to be someone different to get someone to like you
Describe your first kiss
Do you prefer hugs or kisses
Do looks matter
What do you look for in a partner (non-physical aspect)
What physical feautures attract you the most
List 4 turn ons:
turn on #1
turn on #2
turn on #3
turn on#4
List 4 turn offs:
turn off #1
turn off #2
turn off #3
turn off #4
What's the best kiss you've ever had
What's the longest relationship you've been in
Do you date casually or are you monogamous
How important is sex
Have you ever been caught
What is your stance on PDA's
Are you currently available or taken
If taken, by who... if not, any possibilities?
what does he/she look like
what's their personality like
How long have you known each other
how did you meet
Name 3 of your favorite things about this person
favorite #1
favorite #2
favorite #3
What's the best date you've ever been on
Tell us what your ideal date would be like
Do you ever want to get married
How about kids
Do you believe in true love
aaannnd love at first sight
Have you ever been cheated on
Ever cheated on someone else
How do you feel about divorce
What's the nicest thing you've ever done for a loved one
What's the meanest thing you've done
Do you still talk to your ex's
Lets Get totally random now...!
Do you like grilled cheese
How do marshmellows make you feel
Can you cuss in a foreign language
If you could be animal, what would you be
Do cops make you nervous
Have you ever almost died before
Describe what your typical family reunions is like
Have you ever gone skinnydipping
Do you talk to strangers
How much money do you spend on fast food every week
What type of soap is currently in you shower
If you could have a lifetime supply of anything, what would it be
You are granted 3 wishes... what do you wish for
wish #1
wish #2
wish #3
If you could change anything about yourself, what would you change
What would be worst for you, deaf, blind, or paralyzed
Have you ever wanted to beat the crap out of someone
Do you lose socks in the luandry
Do clowns irritate you at all
What about old people
How about old clowns
Do you play an instrument
Have you been out of the country
Have you ever run into a door or a wall before
What are you wearing right now
What color is your underwear... do they match your socks
Can you sit still
Does silence bother you
Do you think immigrants to the US should learn some damn English
If you could have any superpower, what would it be
What would your superhero name be
What\\\'s the greatest smell in the world
What\\\'s the greatest sound
Greatest feeling - physical
greatest feeling - emotional
Most wonderful sight
Do you make mistakes
do you regret anything
What\\\'s the wierdest thing you\\\'ve ever eaten
Why do monkeys fling poop
What type of slippers do you want right now
Do you sleep naked
How do you feel about being an American
Does time heal everything
Have you ever sang the song
Are you afriad to die
What would you tell your loved ones if you were dying
Just to finish up... tell us 5 more things. Anything you want to share...