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Author: trumpeteer
Created: August 23, 2008
Taken: 26 times
Rated: PG

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Created by trumpeteer and taken 26 times on Bzoink
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Things going on at home
What are some things about your parents that bother you
What would you like to see in your parents more
What can you understand about them
What can you do to control intense arguments
Do you have a parent, guardian or a grandparent living with you
Do you love them or hate them
Did they raise you
Any siblings
If any, do they pick on you
What can you do to make this better
Things going on in your life
Who matters to you the most
Who is the reason your still here
What is your main reason for feeling depressed, angry, sad, etc
How do you handle it
Have you ever felt so unloved as to harm yourself for attention
Did you tell me the truth or did you lie because the question was too harsh
Have you faked sick to get attention as well
What was the reason for one of the times
Do you go to church, and how often
If you don't, why not
Do you believe in God
How often do you pick on and look down on others
Do you have things in your life your conscience botheres you about everyday
This is something that you feel too scared to admit, right
Are you happy, content, moody, angry or sad
Have you had any fun within the past week
Are you on any drugs such as Marijuana, Tobacco or Coke
How often do you admit whose fault it is whether I'd be others or yourself
Are you always the one to blame
Are they always the one to blame
If not then who truly is
Do you more often judge people based on looks or personality
Do you judge people at all
Who do you put first more often: others or yourself
Are you having trouble in getting a bf/gf
Are you searching, or are you going out with someone
If so, do you feel secure with this person
Enough to trust them not to cheat on you
Does s/he
Almost Through
Did you take this test based on my profile picture and the title
Have these questions disturbed you
What are your opinions on this survey
Were you just bored
Do you believe it helped
What is your name
How old are you
What is your zodiac sign
What do you look for in a survey
What do you look for in a person
Do you look up to anyone
Are you in any clubs (band, choir, student council)
Do you love your life