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Author: amberxily
Created: August 26, 2008
Taken: 19 times
Rated: G

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my aweshome survey dude[=

Created by amberxily and taken 19 times on Bzoink
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arg matie!!!
haha. how are you?
oh. whats your name?
like it?
i dont. hahah..kidding.
but i'd rather call you bobbylou.
whose bobbylou? you!!!!!! are bobbylou.[=
so how old is ya bobby?
ok fine..fine.
next section!! are you ready..?
TOO BAD!!!!!!!
i am the mindfreak....MINDFREAK!!
haha. do you watch Criss Angel mindfreak?
yeah..i figured out some of his lil illusions.
for example;; the walking on water one.
and..when he walked through glass.
its so stupid.>_<
made me feel dumb.
although i already AM dumb.
O= question 23!!
did you know...everything does equal 23?
for example. todays date equals 23.
wanna know how?
well oh well im gonna tell you.
first, you write down the date. todays date is 8-26-2008.
next, multiply. 8x2. [in 2008]
then, add 8+6. [from 8-26.]
then, add 1+6. [from the 16, which you got by multiplying 8x2.]
then, add 14+7. you get 21.
add the 2 from 26, and you get 23!
see? told you. easily done.
yeah. im not obsessed with the number 23...
im not!!!!!!
im not crazy.
well....maybe just a little. =P
hahahaha. enough about me and 23. hey that rhymes!!
do you like rhyming, bobbylou??
i do.[=
yeah i guess. lol.
so yeah any siblings??
its getting dark out.
do you have nice handwriting??
people say i do but i dont think i do.
i know.
do you think your pretty??
do OTHER people think your pretty?
does your mom think your pretty?
well she should.
its the law.
haha kidding.
so...como estas?
esta bien!
si si. de donde aires?
[where are you from.]
i live in pennsylvania.
do you like music???
i love it.
whats your favorite song?
whats your favorite color!?
which is better.
baseball or football?
soccer or vollyball?
lol 69.
rap or pop?
rap or rock?
hip hop or polka?
polka sucks.
do you like to go to the zoo??
whats your favorite exhibit?
mines is the penguins[:
theyre so cute and waddley!!!!!!!
ahahahahaha and theyre all furry when they're babies[:
i wish spongebob lived at the zoo...
id go visit him every day. would you?
i would becaushe i luff him.=P
OMG. have you tried the nuetrogena wave??
its amazing. really helps your skin.
it does,;; im not lying to you.
so what color is your hair?
aww!!!! pwetty!!!!!
gotta crush???
does your crush like your hair????
well that person should.
do people think your a nice person???
do you like people??
do you like people in the ally????
do you like people in the mall????
in a really small dark wet drippy crowded moldy slippery smelly closet??
haha idont.
i have a stomach ache.]=
have you ever gone completely numb????
99 bottles of beer on the wall..99 bottles of beer..
i said that cause that was question number 99.
can you count to 100 in spanish??
i can.
uno dos tres quatro cinco seis seite ocho nueve dias..
okay im done. hahah.
he was number oneee!!!!
haha thats from spongebob.
the hash slinging...the bash binging....crash cringing....mash minging..
the hash slinging slasher!!!!!!
speaking of slasher, do you like slash? the guitarist from guns n roses????
do you even know who guns n roses are???
you should cause theyre aweshome!!1!!!1!!!1!!!1!!!
what time is it??????
its 8:40 pm here.
well now 8:41.
have you ever been to blogtv.com???
you should go there and make an account. its aweshome.
its like, your in a chatroom with other people..
and theres this person on a webcam. who reads everything you say.
and you can ask them questions and theyll answer them.
its hardcore.
if you decide to go on there..make sure you go visit pmeescohost.
its this old dude from the uk..hes so aweshome!!!!
an funny too. just..what he does and says is funny.
thats his link.
another funny website..
thats a real website. its great.
nombre cien y trenta!!!
im not sure how to say 130 in spanish but hey its cool dude its all good.
yeah. dading!!!!! do you have aim???
if so you should add me. and im me.
and tell me what you thought of my survey.
my screenname is amberhonse14
although im 15..haha.
oh well!!
are your fingernails painted????
what color????
mines was black but i chewed it all off.
what grade are you in????
thats cool.
x: shh im chasing wabbits.
hahaha. dont ask.
alright well i think imma go now!
aww its the end.
have a nice life!!!!
ill miss you!!!!!!! cough cough not...
haha. hope you enjoyed my 150 question survey!!!!!!!