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Author: zombiex
Created: August 30, 2008
Taken: 1,068 times
Rated: PG

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Top 6 Myspace Friends.

Created by zombiex and taken 1068 times on Bzoink
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Name Your Myspace Top Six
Number 1:
Number 2:
Number 3:
Number 4:
Number 5:
Number 6:
About Number 1.
Why is this person your number one?
What makes you enjoy your time with this person?
Do you know what their favourite color is?
Whats the longest amount of time you've spent on the phone with them?
About Number 2.
Why is this person your number two and not your number one?
Does this person make you laugh alot?
Have you ever kissed this person?
Do you have a photo of this person?
About Number 3.
Has this person ever made you cry, for positive or negative reasons?
Do you think about this person alot?
Does this person make you smile, why?
What made you become friends?
About Number 4.
Would you ever sing with this person?
Do you find this person attractive?
Is there a particular place you want to go with this person?
Is there a song, or a few songs, that remind you of this person?
About Number 5.
Is this person above 6 feet tall?
Does this person wear glasses?
Have you ever been to a party with this person?
Whats good about this person?
About Number 6.
Do you love this person? In what way?
Where did you meet this person?
Does this person have short or long hair?
Does this person fascinate you? How?
Random Questions.
Would you ever be in a relationship with 3 or 5?
Does 2 wear alot of make-up?
Has 4 dyed their hair alot?
Have you ever been in love/are you in love with 1 or 6?
Have you ever thought about 1 alot?
Do you think 4 and 5 would make a good couple?
Which one out of your top 6 is the funniest?
Which one out of your top six is the most interesting?
Who has the most piercings, 2 or 4?
Have you been on webcam with everyone on your top friends? If not, why?
Have you ever talked with 5 on the phone?
Have you ever seen 3 cry?
Have you ever been on holiday with 6?