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Author: xxblaqkelectricxx
Created: September 3, 2008
Taken: 839 times
Rated: G

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Questions You May Have Never Been Asked On A Survey! (Excellent spelling and grammar)!

Created by xxblaqkelectricxx and taken 839 times on Bzoink
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Would you be mad if your best friend went out with your ex?
Have you ever worn a shirt that said,
Have you ever wanted to set the whole world on fire?
Is beer really God's gift to man?
Last time you were attacked by an animal?
Are you paranoid all the time or just during the night?
Why is it that if you send something by car it's called shipment?
And why is it if you send something by ship it's called cargo?
Have you ever dated someone without knowing their name?
Has a stranger ever asked for your phone/cell number?
Would you help a friend bury a dead body?
Would you rather be the cheater or be the one who is cheated on?
Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?
Why do fool's fall in love?
Do you have bad posture?
Would you break up with someone on Valentine's Day?
If you have, you're sick D=! Anyway, do you have a good GPA in school?
Do you believe that history inevitably repeats itself?
Have you ever spelled the word 'grammar' wrong?
If someone cusses/swears a lot, do you assume they have bad grammar?
Would you give everything you owned just to go see your favorite band?
Is there someone you are avoiding?
Is there someone that is avoiding you?
Would you only date people that have the same skin tone as you?
Are your parents/guardians picky about who you date?
If you go to an all-you-can-eat buffet, how much do you really eat?
Is there a business you know of that is secretly racist?
Do you believe in any conspiracy theories?
If you need to ask a question in class do you raise your hand?
How about speak out loud?
Have you met the love of your life yet?
How many times have you been engaged (if any at all)?
What do you think of the United States?
Is the United States really the best country in the world?
What is your opinion on nerds?
I think the jocks will all work for them =P. Any ads on this page?
If so, what are they?
Is there any game show you want to go on?
Is shopping a necessity for survival?
Are zebra's white with black stripes or black with white stripes?
Do you know where your femur is?
Do you believe everything you read?
Do you have to see something to really believe it?
When your friends are in pain are you in pain too?
Have you ever gotten so dehydrated that you passed out?
If your friend was being cheated on, would you tell them?
Do you always assume the worst?
Are you more of a logical thinker?
Are pessimists too literal?
Are optimists too illogical?
Do you have Netflix?
If so, do you like it? (I like that it has no late fee's =])
Have you ever wrestled someone of the opposite sex?
Did you win?
What was your winning move?
Have you ever dated someone just to make someone else jealous?
You can either go to France, Egypt, or Hawaii. Which one do you pick? Why?
Did you know there is a certain frog you can lick and get high?
Can people survive without love?
What do you think of Gene Simmons?
Do you ever call your pets by their real name(s)?
Is your whole world black?
Is your heart warm and fuzzy or as cold as ice?
Have you ever faked a phone call just to avoid someone?
Do you feel guilty when people pay for things for you?
Have you ever taken any rated 'R' surveys? Be honest, now.
What is the name of your band (if you're in one)?
Do you have wild rock star hair?
Are you allowed to go off school campus to eat lunch?
Do you steal from the rich and give to the needy?
Do you like to crash weddings?
How about parties?
Have you ever been called something and you didn't know what it meant?
Do you like to turn out all the lights and watch the lightning?
Have you ever gotten a stain on your shirt on picture day?
Is picture day lame? (I think it is =[ )
Do you believe everyone is gifted with something?
Did your knight in shining armor end up as a loser in aluminum foil?
Do you like burning plastic? (well, don't! D=<)
If the one you loved moved, would you move with them?
Do you have legal guardianship over any of your siblings (if you have any)?
If you could would you pack up your things and move to California?
How about New York?
Do you follow your heart or your head?
What colors seem to compliment your skin tone?
Are you sick and tired of life?
Are you loving life?
Do you know how to put the past behind you and move on?
Do you tend to live in the past, the present, or the future?
Have you ever been convinced that no one loves you?
Have you ever forced someone to do something for you?
Last time you did someone's homework and purposely put down wrong answers?
Would you fake your own death?
Is the sun beautiful or just obnoxious?
Are your eyes sensitive to sunlight?
Does the heat age you and the cold preserve you?
Is Shakespeare a work of art or just plain boring?
What is your favorite word in a foreign language?
Have you ever been busted for under age drinking?
Will you move out the day you turn 18?
Do you believe the world will last forever?
Does anything literally last forever?
Is loving and being loved in return the best feeling ever?
Ever done some jail time or been to rehab?
Is rehab for losers?
Have you ever been an accomplice to a crime?
Have you ever witnessed a murder or just a crime in general?
If you were stuck on a deserted island would you make it out alive?
Is suicide ever okay? (No, it isn't, don't do it D=<)
Do you answer your own surveys?
Is just the best survey ever? (I hope it's decent)
Have I made any spelling/grammar/etc. mistakes? (Sorry if I have =[ )
Do you ever sign things without reading them first?
Have you ever asked for a lawyer?
What about a search warrant?
Have you ever taken an IQ test?
If so, do you remember your score?
Do you like to color still?
Have you ever had the feeling that you were being watched?
Don't you just hate that feeling? (I know I do. -shivers-)
What is the worst thing you've ever been called?
Do you care if curse/swear words are bleeped out in shows/songs/etc.?
Does your hair look better in the sunlight?
Would you ever change your whole appearance?
Would you ever go undercover for a secret organization?
Do you like Cyanide & Happiness comics? (I sure do =])
Have you ever dyed your hair one color but it turned out totally different?
Do you easily give into peer pressure?
Do you have a picture of you and your lover kissing?
Would you ever change your name if someone told you to?
If a burglar told you to give them the keys to your car, would you do it?
Would you consider yourself brave or just a coward?
Would you become a mathematician if you could?
Can everything be proven with math/science?
Have you ever escaped death?
Glass. Solid or liquid?
Can the laws of physics be bent or even broken?
What's the dumbest insult you have ever heard?
Do you say,
Has anyone tried to lay a hand on you and you yelled,
Have you witnessed a fight at school?
Has anyone congratulated you for doing something stupid?
Was this survey excellent, good, decent, horrible, etc.?
This survey is officially over. Any last words?