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About This Survey

Author: pranxterstrikesagain
Created: September 4, 2008
Taken: 1,457 times
Rated: G

myspace top 3 friends

Created by pranxterstrikesagain and taken 1457 times on Bzoink
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1's name?
2's name?
3's name?
What is 2's favorite color?
Would you ever fight 1?
Does 3 live close?
Would you ever kiss 1?
Would you kiss 2?
would you kiss 3?
What is your best memory of 2?
when will you see 3 again?
Does 1 say you are their top friend too?
Why isn't 2 in number 1's place?
What is 3's favorite show?
does 1 always smell good?
having fun ?
would you ever live with 3?
would you consider marrying 1?
What do you love about 2?
If you had to spend the day with 1,2, or 3 which one would it be?
If you were going to ther beach which one would you go with?
Do you think that 1 and 3 would ever get together?
If you could tell 3 anything what would it be?
how often is 2 over your house?
does 1 have any pets?
have you ever lied to 3?
does 2 have any siblings?
does 1 have a lot of friends?
when was the last time you called 3?
does 2 know any secrets about you that 1 doesnt?
if you and 1 could go anywhere where would you go?
is 2 scary?
is 3 friendly?
what do you hate about 1?
does 3 always brush?
is 2 gay?
how old is 1?
what is 3's favorite food?
do you know 2's best friend?
have you met 3's parents?
does 1 go to school?
does 2 drive?
where would you find 3 right now?
your starnded on an island which friend would you want to be stuck with?
Is 1 religious?
what does 3 listen to the most?
is 2 daring?
why arent you with 1?
is 3 organized?
is 2 wild or a party pooper?
is 1 athletic?
is 3's status? (single married in a relationship)?
do you miss any of your top 3 friends?
will 1 read this survey?
will 2 read it?
will 3 read it?
have you been truthful in this survey?
what would happen if you caught 2 and 3 kissing?
will 1 always be your friend?
if you have a problem who do you tell first 2 or 3?
do you trust 1 the most?
if you were going to kill yourself what would 2 do?
would 3 stand up for you no matter what?
is 2 a best friend or just a friend?
do you hope these 3 friends take this survey?
would you die for 1?
is 2 in love with anyone?
if u had 5 minutes left live what would u say to 3?
if 1 were to die would you attend their funeral?
if 2 didnt exist how would you feel?
how would you feel if 1 hated you?
if 2 was here with you what would you do?
is 3 good looking?
did you change your friends right before you took this survey?