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Author: nadine07
Created: September 5, 2008
Taken: 887 times
Rated: G

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Fact or Fiction

Created by nadine07 and taken 887 times on Bzoink
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Answer Truthfully
A True or False Survey, just answer True or False - don't explain.
Someone has given you flowers in the last three months:
You are allergic to milk (lactose intolerant):
Your name begins with a "C":
Your middle name begins with an "R":
You last name begins with a "T":
You have had an x-ray in the last year:
You actually pay attention to politics:
You regularly watch MTV:
You are still waiting for your first kiss:
You have had at least 5 boyfriends/girlfriends:
You are married:
You have a child/children:
You have taken a French class before:
You love math:
You love art:
You love science:
You love history:
You are a morning person:
You currently have a job:
You are a high school graduate:
You have your own place:
You plan to be married in the next 5 years:
You are taller than 5'5":
You have blonde hair:
You have brown eyes:
You have paid more than a $100 for jeans:
You have a red car/truck:
You have gotten a speeding ticket:
You have taken aspirin when you"feel a headache coming on" before it comes:
You have had a surgery:
You have a tattoo:
You have a pierced tongue:
You are 18 or older:
You are under 21:
You have a June birthday:
You are a Scorpio:
You were born in 1991:
You are an only child:
Your parents are divorced:
You wear contacts/glasses:
You have a friend from another country:
You have been to France:
You have never been out of the country:
You live west of the Mississipi River:
You have been known to procrastinate:
You are a good speller:
You have been skiing:
You have run away from home:
You had a backpack with a popular cartoon character back in the day:
You are athiest:
You are agnostic:
You are Christian:
You are Muslim:
You are Jewish:
You are Hindu:
You are Buddhist:
You are pagan:
You know how to play the card game Free Cell:
You love Mexican food:
You are a blood donor:
You are a cat person:
You feel there are too many famous people who don't deserve their fame:
You watch The Hills:
You watch The Office:
You watch Project Runway:
You love country:
You love rap:
You love hip hop:
You love jazz:
You love punk rock:
You love classic rock:
You love hard rock:
You love metal:
You love instrumental:
You love oldies:
You will be 25 within the next 5 years:
You have dated someone 3 years older than you:
You have dated someone 3 years younger than you:
You have cheated on someone:
You collect something:
You believe in karma:
You have been caught doing something illegal:
You never excercise:
You are single:
Your first name is longer than 6 letters:
You are an aunt/uncle:
You are in the military:
You have taken pictures of yourself just because you were bored:
You have been to a concert in the six months:
Your grandparents are all still alive:
You know someone under 18 who has passed away from cancer:
You have had a near death experience:
You are in the medical profession:
You think guys wearing pink shirts is stupid:
You have dated someone who had a child:
You have dated someone of another race than your own:
You got a car for your sixteenth birthday:
You had to drive somewhere more than half an hour away today:
You have gotten a DUI:
You have a checking account:
You have close friends you feel you can trust:
You have gone to the movies in the last month:
You were taken to dinner at a nice restaurant in the last 2 weeks:
You have had a job as a waitress:
You have worked a 3rd shift job:
You have babysat more than one child at a time:
You'd rather win a $500 on the lottery than take a chance on a game show:
You took this instead of doing what you are supposed to be doing: