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Author: shiny-italy
Created: September 5, 2008
Taken: 12 times
Rated: G

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Created by shiny-italy and taken 12 times on Bzoink
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What do you do in the light of the golden dawn?
Would you go ride the comet?
What do you think happens in the desert of set?
Was Isengard unleashed an awesome part in LOTR?
Have you ever been on a journey across the mountains?
And He shall smite the wicked! What do you think about that?
What are your wings of destiny?
Do you know what the order of the rose is?
Do you feel awesome when listening to the Ride of the Valkyries?
Do you want to sing the requiem for the innocent?
What would you make if you were the toy master?
Do dreams come true?
Do you think gargoyles are angels of darkness?
Do you think Mordred's song would be sad?
Do you think Crusaders were epic and noble?
Isn't the march of the swordmaster epic?
Have you ever seen the pines of the Appian Way?
Could you use sorcery and sudden vengeance if you saw Voldemort?
What's your favorite Beethoven song?
Would you give me the heart I once had?
Do you want to hide from all the clowns?
Was anything accomplished in the last Crusade?
What would you do if you were trapped in the dark tower of abyss?
Do you lust for eternal glory?
Is the scared power of raging winds amazing in hurricanes?
Is the tower of hope always there for you?
Is nightfall the best time to sneak around?
How many miles do you have to drive to work?
Would you cry if there was a rain of a thousand flames?
Would you like to sing a pavane for an angel?
Does America need a new order?
Would you watch the duel of the fates?
Did you know keine lust means no desire in German?
Would you go to Valhalla with Helheim?
What would you do if you were drafted into the shooting company of Frans?
Would you carry me over something if I was hurt?
Do you think Jesus will have an eternal return?
Is HammerFall a good band?
Are you an opiate soul?
All that I'm living for is you...is that true?
Would you rather have shelter from the rain or play in it?
Is no mercy too harsh and not fair?
What's a vain glory opera?
What is Christmas really about?
Is flames of thy power scary?
Is indigo a nice color?
Would you be the rider of the astral fire?
What's mystic and divine to you?
When stars collide do they explode?
Is the battle epic?
Would you create a symphony of enchanted lands?
How long is it till your next birthday?
Why are things running from meeee?
Who's the knight of immortal fire?
What would you do if you saw crimson thunder?
Have you seen the music video to Amaranth by Nightwish?
Does anyone you know have a demonheart?
Have you ever said 'no more fooling!' cause it was so annoying?
Is the charm of the seer fake?
In paradise lost in the world now?
Are there any paintings on the wall behind you?
Don't you just love Ode to Joy?
When demons awake will you fight them?
Would you go on a journey to Dragonland's River?
Would you rather have Heaven's light or hellfire?
Do you want a silver tongue?
Does the word serenade remind you of the movie Titanic?
Where's the lost northern star?
Does pyramids and stargates remind you of a movie?
Would you feel special if you were a newborn race?
Is Deggial Therion's best album?
What do you think the mystic prophecy of the demonknight says?
Are you obsessed with Victoria's Secret?
Did you know in memoriam is Latin?
Was Calypso your favorite character in POTC?
Have you ever claimed (or wanted to claim) sanctuary?
Would you go on a rocket ride to Mars?
What's the witching hour?
Is anyone searching for Atlantis still?
Have you heard Dies Irae?
Don't you hate it when surveys on Bzoink are untitled so you can't see it?
Have you ever been at the end of all hope?
Is preparation for school depressing?
Haven't ever heard your parents say
Are the Montagues or Capulets your favorite?
Is Mozart better than Beethoven?
Have you heard Adyta by Epica?
Is Reise, Reise Rammstein's best album?
Have you ever found an abandoned kitty?
Is the dance of fate constantly going on?
Did you know in tenebris means in darkness in Latin?
Does the soulforged sound big and prideful sounding and shiny?
Did you find it depressing when sorrow sang?
What color is the eye of Shiva?
Do you like the tower in castles?
Does 'anger of fate' seal the fate of friendships?
Will God crush the march of Mephisto?
Do you want to witness the majesty of Alaska?
Wanna make up a moondance?
Is it gross when soldiers cross through the bridge of spears?
Is The Hut on Fowl's Legs a weird song title?
How do you pronounce ginnungagap?
Is My Immortal the best Evanescence song?
Done! I shuffled my itunes and used the song titles to make these questions