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Author: roguesorcerer
Created: September 5, 2008
Taken: 27 times
Rated: G

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Unique Questions From The Dark Mage.

Created by roguesorcerer and taken 27 times on Bzoink
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The lion roars into the night, another soul to slay.
Battle calls, what weapon do you choose. It can be a fictional weapon:
You are allowed to join a mage's guild or elves guild, you choose:
If you could be any fantasy creature, what would you be:
If you could be in any Disney film, which would you choose:
If you could be any The Lord Of The Rings characters, who would you choose:
Would you protect Isengard, or The Shire:
If you could be any character from The Neverending Story, who would you be:
Who are you most like from Star Wars:
If you could be a fictional character for one day, who would you choose:
Riders On The Storm.
Have you seen the film about a pet zombie called Fido:
Do you dream alot or are you a more down-to-earth type of person:
Do you tend to have a big imagination:
What do you normally dream about:
If you could celebrate one holiday for a week straight, what would it be:
If Narnia were real, and you could visit it, would you:
If so, what would you do there and who would you want to meet:
Have you read the Narnia novel called The Silver Chair:
What is one of your favourite authors:
Dark Wings, Dark Words.
What is the colour of your choice:
Do you eat meat, or are you a vegetarian:
Either choice, why is that so:
What genre of music do you like the most:
Have you ever listened to Folk Metal:
Have you ever considered Wicca or Druidism:
Are you one with nature:
If not, would you like to be:
What are your thoughts on Global Warming:
Glory To The Brave.
Do you like the fantasy genre:
Are you a big fan of it:
Would you call yourself obsessed:
Do you have any obsessions:
What be these obsessions:
What is one of your favourite 1980's animated series:
Do you like anime. If so, which ones:
What is your most favoured fairy tale:
Do you imagine yourself sometimes, in this fairy tale:
The Fire Burns Forever.
Do you consider yourself unique:
Have you changed quite a bit in the past year:
Why is that so:
And what have you changed: