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Author: xxblaqkelectricxx
Created: September 8, 2008
Taken: 575 times
Rated: G

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Definitely Unique and Different. (Excellent spelling and grammar)!

Created by xxblaqkelectricxx and taken 575 times on Bzoink
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Is there something you would like to say before we begin?
Okay, then. Moving on. Do you have anything to hide?
If I stepped in your room, what would I see?
Do you hate it when people snoop through your belongings?
Have you ever burned your clothes?
Has a friend ever begged you to help them commit suicide?
Do you hate it when people laugh when there is nothing to laugh about?
Ever seen a caterpillar make a cocoon (I have, it's cool =] )?
Is life really just an illusion?
Have you ever known someone with bar rot?
You know what that is?
Bar tenders get it from handling alcohol and margarita ingredients. =P
Have you ever forged a fingerprint?
Do you like to use stamps?
Do envelopes taste icky if you lick them shut?
Has anyone said that you're an evil genius?
What age do you think is too old to have a myspace?
Did you know that the answer 'myspace' was a Jeopardy question?
I found it rather hilarious. Anyway, do you like lemons or limes?
Have you ever had a teacher that was pure evil?
Do you ever regret talking behind someones back?
Ever had a teacher that resembled a celebrity (man, that'd be weird)?
Do you ever delete questions on surveys that you don't want to answer?
Have you ever put the "blue screen of death" on someones computer?
Is your keyboard spill-proof? (Mine is =])
When you were little did you think $100 was a lot of money?
Which is better? Nintendo DS or Nintendo DS Lite?
Do you like Italian food?
Have you ever made a computer crash?
Have you ever framed someone so they'd take the blame?
Don't you hate the feeling that you want something but don't know what?
Have you ever said something that came out just completely wrong?
Home is where the heart is. Is that a true statement?
Is there a type of personality that you just cannot stand?
Have you ever been rude to a store employee?
If I told you to jump would you say 'how high'?
Is there a person that you always listen to?
Were you ever the school bully?
I'm hungry, are you?
Have you ever been accused of being anorexic or bulemic?
I have, it isn't nice =[. Last time you purchased a Cd?
Are Cd's obsolete?
Are you amazed that they still make games for PS2 (I sure am)?
Is Super Mario fun or just plain out annoying?
Have you ever worn an inappropriate shirt to school?
What would you do if a lizard crawled on you in the middle of the night?
Have you ever gotten fan mail?
Would you ever sue for some lame excuse?
Is it stupid to sue McDonald's if you get overweight or spill coffee?
Have you ever threatened to kill someone right to their face?
Do you believe that there are instances where it is okay to be mean?
Do you love coloring books (I know I do =] )?
Do you like P'Zones from Pizza Hut?
Did you know the Texas Road House started in Indiana?
Lynyrd Skynyrd or Kid Rock?
Do you heavily criticize others?
Do you like the American spelling or British spelling of words?
Do you like dinner rolls (I <3 them)?
Does time mean anything to you?
Do you like surveys that make you laugh?
Would you ever put the word 'hammertime' under a stop sign XD?
Complete the Sentence!
Gene Simmons....
We will, we will....
I want to....
Did you know....
I am....
Bret Michael's....
Cradle of....
I just want you to....
Life is just a(n)....
I smell like....
Who could ever love a....
Bad company corrupts....
My super sweet....
I tend to get....
I can kick you but in at....
You can't....
It's better to love than....
Okay then, moving on.
Okay, now. How did you like that little 'complete the sentence' section?
Did you notice I had 4 dots after each phrase (I don't like odd numbers)?
Do you like any unsigned bands/artists?
If so, which ones?
Has anyone purposely moved you chair right as you were going to sit down?
In your town, does everyone know each other?
Are you afraid you'll see people that you know in public places?
How often do you check your e-mail?
Do you listen to your parents/guardians?
Do they actually trust you?
Where are your biological parents right now?
Is divorce ever okay?
Would you rather lick an ash tray or kiss a smoker?
Have you ever put in hair dye and didn't wash it out all the way?
Would you ever dye your eyebrows?
Are calculators useful or a cheating tool?
Has anyone said you were 'sweet'?
Does it bother you when relatives say 'My! Look how you've grown!'?
Would you date/marry someone with piercings and/or tattoes?
Do you have a piercing or tattoo that you are proud of?
Are tattoes supposed to mean something?
Have you ever thought your computer was gonna blow up?
Has your computer eaten a Cd (mine had D=)?
What do you think about 'The Raven' by Edgar Allen Poe?
What is your favorite poem (if you even like poems)?
Are you better at English or math?
Was lunch ever your favorite subject (if you even consider that a subject)?
Have you ever committed plagiarism without knowing it?
Are you upset if someone dies that you know but aren't close to?
Do you wish your hair was naturally straight, curly, or wavy?
Have you ever fallen down a hill?
When was the last time you expressed creativity?
Do the disabled belong in public schools?
What about those who are blind?
Is it really a miracle that Helen Keller learned to communicate?
I think it was =]. Do you wish your face was on the dollar bill?
Do you wish the U.S. currency bills were different colors?
Do you like rainbows and aren't gay?
Are gay guys hilarious?
Do you know someone who has the same name as a celebrity?
What would you do if your name was Mary Christmas?
How did you like this survey?