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Author: roguesorcerer
Created: September 10, 2008
Taken: 136 times
Rated: G

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Ultimately U.N.I.Q.U.E.

Created by roguesorcerer and taken 136 times on Bzoink
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Which do you prefer to write a summary with, a pen or a pencil:
When you are riding in your vehicle, do you always wear your seat belt:
Have you seen all of the films featuring Ernest Worrell:
Do you have any liking for bands other than mainstream:
If so, please state a few:
If you are visiting someone, do you mind sleeping on the floor:
What was the last vacation you've been on:
Do you tend to finish what you start or leave things half finished:
Do you tend to think out of the box:
Do you have a strong liking for animals:
Do you write poetry:
If so, what topics do you write about:
Do you keep a journal:
Do you play any online RPGS or MMORPGS:
Do you play Halo Online:
Have you ever seen Horton Hear's A Who:
What do you think of Doctor Suess:
Do you like fantasy, and if not, why is that so:
Do you ever watch Crossing Jordan:
If so, who is your favourite character:
What always makes you smile:
Do you hold hate for another:
Do you tend to worry to much, or do you think freely:
What is one of your worst fears:
Do you have any pets:
If so, what types and what are their names:
Do you have a best friend:
Are you unique or like everyone else:
Did you enjoy my survey: