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Author: xxblaqkelectricxx
Created: September 12, 2008
Taken: 388 times
Rated: G

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Unique and Different? Yes, indeed! (Excellent spelling and grammar)!

Created by xxblaqkelectricxx and taken 388 times on Bzoink
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Have your parents ever told you that it was rude to walk on someones grave?
When you're in a graveyard there are lots of bodies. Right? Makes no sense
Alright, moving on...ever found a stray animal?
Did you take it home and name it?
Did you actually keep it? If so, why?
Do you like to
Are you always afraid someone eavesdrops on your phone conversations?
Do you hate feeling like you're being watched (I do =P)?
Would you rather live in a haunted mansion or a crowded apartment?
Have you ever been truly haunted by an evil spirit?
If so, tell us a bit about it....
Do you like mermaids?
Do you believe that mermaids are real?
Or do you just like artwork with them in it?
Maybe both?
What about unicorns? Are they real?
Do you like artwork with unicorns in it?
Do you wish that you could cry something other than tears?
Would you love someone, even if they were missing a body part?
Do guardian angels really exist?
Hm, interesting. Well, do you like mythology?
What is your favorite mythological creature/god/goddess?
Would you like it if you had the ability to breathe underwater?
An immortals dream is to be able to die. Would that be true?
Have you ever been so competitive that you hurt yourself?
If so, how did you even manage that?
Is it okay if a female plays tackle football?
Would you kill someone if you were offered a large sum of money?
Do you ever read the ingredients in the foods you eat?
If you like a certain food, do you ever ask what is in it?
I don't. I'm afraid it's going to be something nasty. Don't you agree?
Have you ever hired someone to play a prank on your friend?
Ever diguised your identity to protect something?
What would you give to be able to walk through fire and survive?
If you could switch lives with anyone in the past history, who would it be?
If you were placed on the Titanic, would you have survived?
Have you ever left your true friends behind?
Day after day this misery must go on. Agree?
Have you ever read the Declaration of Independence?
Is there a secret that you are planning on hiding forever?
Would you like the power to mindread or the power to freeze time?
Magic, weapons, or just bare hands?
Do you have a very vivid and huge imagination?
If suddenly you woke up today and you were famous, what would you do?
Is all publicity good publicity?
Do you know the pythagorean theorem?
Would you be terrified if you saw two unknown people die right before you?
Have you ever been locked in a closet?
It's scary, no?
You're locked in one room of your house for a week. Which room?
Why would you choose that room?
Have you ever been typing an important paper and closed without saving?
Sucks, doesn't it? Make sure to save your papers!
Do you know how to use a jump drive? I sure hope so.
Is there something that you would be totally willing to learn?
Have you ever gone behind your parents backs?
Could you be a blackjack dealer?
The last wise choice you made?
How far ahead do you plan things? A week/days/months/years?
You can only take 3 possessions when you move, what do you take?
If you were given a chance to start all over again in life, would you?
What do you think about Jack the Ripper?
Would you do something against the law just to get on television?
Rise up, gather round! Rock this place to the ground! Sound fun?
If you got placed in the 18th century, would you survive?
What would I most likely find you doing in your spare time?
Which is more important...going to parties or getting an education?
If you could, would you want everyone in the world to be your friend?
If you couldn't feel fatigue, would you swim across the ocean?
Have you ever heard the 'Devil's Trill'? You should, it's catchy.
Do you like music with lyrics or just tunes and classical music better?
What would you do if you found a million dollars in a forest?
Will it be scary to go out into the 'real world'?
Are you going to live with your parents/guardians as long as you can?
Isn't it just sick that solicitors try to deceive the elderly?
Do 'No Soliciting' signs work? They don't for me...
If you could leave your life to set sail across the world, would you do it?
Is there a historical figure that you found just stupid?
Does it annoy you when people won't admit that they get lost?
Do you like to say 'my way or the highway'?
Do you believe that you're going to marry the person that you're dating?
Is there a person that you wish you would've kissed in the past?
Do you believe changing the past is changing the future?
Would you rather have carpal tunnel or arthritis?
Have you played video games for 24 hours?
Would you trade a pet for someone else's pet?
Is Florida really the sunshine state? If you think so, I beg to differ.
Florida isn't even in the top 5 when it comes to sunshine. Surprising?
Do happy cows come from California?
Have you ever gotten into a major dispute over the dumbest thing?
We live in perverted times, my friend. Do you agree?
Have you ever tried to give a presentation and just forgot everything?
Ever choked on your words while trying to talk to the opposite sex?
Are you a real mumbler?
Would you be freaked out if you were locked into a haunted basement?
Someone tells you that they see dead people. You say...?
How flexible are you?
Have you ever hit yourself in the nose with your knee?
As a girl you can hit a guy without getting hit back, is that correct?
Is your worst subject a whole different language to you?
Would you frame someone for something as big as murder?
What can cheer you up on a bad day?
Kittens cheer me up...and ice cream! Do they cheer you up?
I don't eat kittens and the ice cream together...don't confuse that, k?
Sometimes do you just need a holiday?
Have you ever won any sort of raffle?
Do you think raffle tickets are scams?
Would you leave your family if you could inherit a chocolate factory?
If I told you that you had a flight waiting could you just go right then?
Well, I don't have another question so hope you enjoyed it! Bye bye ^_^