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Author: bubblibabigrl
Created: September 15, 2008
Taken: 609 times
Rated: G

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Created by bubblibabigrl and taken 609 times on Bzoink
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What website do you visit the most?
What program do you use the most on your computer?
Do you have a laptop?
Last person's house you visited besides your own?
Do you know someone who has recently been in jail?
Does your mom have myspace?
Do you know anyone who is a vegetarian?
Who has better prices: Walmart or Target?
Who was the last person you hit?
Are you currently on a diet?
Last time you ate an egg roll?
Name a friend who's name starts with M?
Name something that makes you happy?
Do you like e-mail or snail-mail better?
Do you like to stand out and be different or go with the flow?
Ever ridden on a train?
What color is your house?
If you could fix one thing in your neighborhood, what would it be?
When you order pizza, do you Deliver or carryout?
Who, out of all your friends, do you hang out with the most?
What is the closest book to you?
Ever swallow a marble?
Have you ever worn a shirt that says 'I'm with stupid ---->'?
Have you ever tried to make someone laugh, but it didn't work?
Do you know who Edward Cullen is?
Have you ever been falsely accused of being gay?
Is your heart broken and you're picking up the pieces still?
Will you create a new way to breathe underwater?
Sometimes do you wish you could just fly away?
Is there a picture that you liked so much that you just wanted to jump in?
Would you rather be buried alive or drown to death?
Have you ever been in a club that was stereotyped as 'nerdy'?
Have you ever made up your own kingdom?
Last time you said 'rock on'?
If you ruled a castle, what rank would you make yourself?
Have you ever told someone good-bye forever?
Do you like to hide behind corners so you can pop out and scare people?
Have you ever been attacked by a butterfly?
Have you ever purposely tried to spread a sickness/illness?
Is there something that haunts you to this very day?
Has anyone ever put a mask on and popped out of no where to scare you?
Have you ever lost something when you had it on you the whole time?
Have you ever yelled at a complete stranger?
Can you see your front door from where you are sitting?
Do penguins have knees?
Can you crack your toes?
Can you cuss around your parents without getting in trouble?
Do you smile with teeth, or without?
Do you have a innie or outtie?
Do you shave your legs?
Do you really give a damn about global warming?
Are you a good kisser?
Have you ever eaten a whole bag of Peanut M&Ms?
Do you hum when you eat?
Ever fallen off a skateboard?
Have you ever bought any underwear from Marks & Spencer?
Do you own a toothbrush of your own?
What's something you have that your friends probably don't?
What color is your hair?
Do you drink bottled water?
How about tap water?
Are you chubby?
Do you have tattoos?
Do you like ice cream?
Is High School Musical really worth all the trouble?