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Author: alex-luvs-the-bosox
Created: September 19, 2008
Taken: 359 times
Rated: G

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Created by alex-luvs-the-bosox and taken 359 times on Bzoink
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What holiday is the most fun to decorate for?
If there was 1 color in the world you COULDNT see, which would u choose?
What kind of candy did u always hope 2 get when trick or treating?
What else would you've done that Kevin didnt do in Home Alone Lost in NY?
If u were a valet parker, how long would it take 4 u to hit something?
In the original Deuce Bigelow, which of his dates did u like best?
If you have facebook, how do u feel about the new layout?
What was your high school known for?
What's the largest amount u have won on a scratch ticket?
Would you rather be the stripes or solids when playing pool?
You can't sleep. How do you fix that problem?
When going from elementary to middle school, wut was ur biggest fear?
What song not already on it would be the hardest to play on Guitar Hero?
What do you think is the worst part about living in a dorm?
You're most likely to be known as the slut for what sport?
How do u feel about the 4th judge they're adding to American Idol?
What is the best promotional item you've ever received?
Did you pass the Pepsi Challenge?
Describe the coolest tattoo that you've ever seen.
How do u feel about the new Beverly Hills 90210?
Which movie of summer 2008 did you most enjoy?
What's the best way to cure boredom on an airplane?
If you could add 1 feature to ur school yearbook, wut would u like to have?
You're stuck in the desert. What animal r u most afraid of coming across?
Do you think that Mary Kate & Ashley will ever be in another movie?
Have you ever tried on slutty costumes at a porn shop?
Has mapquest ever misguided you?
What is your favorite flavor of Shisha (for hookah)?
Wouldn't air hockey be a tight Olympic sport?
What is the most unique thing about your handwriting, if ne thing?
U can meet ur idol, but u have 2 spend a nite in jail. Do u do it?
Did you ever enjoy playing tetherball?
Have u ever deleted a myspace friend cuz they post 2 many bulletins?
Do you know what the word Kike means?