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Author: -egocentricity-
Created: September 20, 2008
Taken: 199 times
Rated: PG

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-Unjustifiably All Over The Place-

Created by -egocentricity- and taken 199 times on Bzoink
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Would you like to jump an hour ahead, or an hour back?
Is there any activity you are putting off with this survey?
When you cannot sleep, what do you do?
Do you feel comfortable participating in a classroom setting?
Do you think that highschool prepared you enough for college?
Or, do you think that junior high prepared you for HS?
How do you keep in contact with friends that move away?
Do you tend to let those relationships fade out?
Do you make sweeping judgements? ex.
When was the last time you debated/argued? About what?
How did you develop your personal style?
What REALLY makes you different from most others?
Do you write simply for fun? What do you write about?
Do you prefer showers over baths? Why or why not?
Is there anyone you admire, but you're embarrassed by it?
Would others say that you are confident?
Would others say that you are friendly?
How do you normally treat people you are meeting for the first time?
Are you the type that hates to be in pictures?
What do you think about young girls going on crash diets?
There should be sex-ed in schools--agree or disagree?
Describe a huge lie you got away with?
Did you feel guilty about it?
What makes you feel safe?
Would you say that you are an affectionate person? Why?
Name a physical defect that would keep you from dating a person?
Why do you think some people don't believe in any form of love?
When you get new clothing, are you excited to wear it?
Do you ever let other people borrow your clothing? Why?
What is something (not someone) you would be lost without?
How do you contribute to society?
Do you make life harder on anyone else?