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Author: actressalli
Created: September 20, 2008
Taken: 296 times
Rated: G

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friends camping trip

Created by actressalli and taken 296 times on Bzoink
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pick 5 girl friends
pick 5 guy friends
now the drive there
who's driving?
who's sitting shotgun?
who's sitting next to you?
whos complaining its to hot?
who's complaining about the cold?
who's car sick?
who is picking the movie?
who's just texting?
who's asleep?
who needs to pee?
who realizes that they forgot their tent?
you finally get there gear and everything. what are your surroundings?
where did you go?
is there a lake/ beach?
is it pretty?
are there other people around?
is there electricity?
are there bathrooms/portapotties?
setting up
who's cooking dinner?
who's getting wood?
who's setting up tents?
who's building a fire?
who's sitting and laughing at the people working?
who's freaking out becuase there is no serivce?
who's trying to seduce a bear?
sleeping arrangements
two people per tent. a boy and a girl, just to make it interesting.
who are you sleeping with?
time for bed
who's up all night talking?
who falls right asleep?
who's up all night still looking for service?
who's lost in the woods?
who's sitting by the fire for a lond time?
who's sleep talking?
who snores?
day one
you decide to find some water and go fishing.
5 people per boat.
boat one.
boat two.
who's boat are you in?
who catches the biggest fish?
who doesnt catch anything?
who forgets to put on the bait?
who accidently falls out?
who's afraid of fish?
which boat accidently hits a rapid?
who drops all of the bait in the water?
which boat cant get back ashore?
day two
you decide to go on a hiking trip
who has the map?
who brought the huge backpack of food?
who's leading?
who's picking up the rear.
who's complaining the whole time?
who is wearing heels?
whos examining all of the nature around?
whos taking pictures?
who gets lost?
who is the first to pee in the woods?
who forgot the toilet paper?
who brings up bush wacking?
you group decides to leave the trail...
who is leading?
who is freaking becuase of all the bugs?
who keeps running into spiderwebs?
who is the first to suggest going back?
who is the first to realize your lost?
who is freaking out?
who is praying?
who is screaming for help?
who is trying to get their bearings?
who is laughing at everyone for being so stuck up?
who is the first to spot the bear?
who starts running away?
who tries to climb up a tree?
who trys to talk to it?
who is trying to make the bear frightened?
who is screaming hysterically?
you realize that you only made it a quarter mile away from camp.
you walk back to camp and decide to go home.
who is picking up all your trash?
who is hugging all the trees good bye?
who is packing up the tents?
whos crying becuase they wanted to stay longer.
who found service and is calling all the parents?
who's parents are sad they are all ready coming back?
whos parents freaked becuase they didnt hear from them?
whos parents didnt realize they were gone?
who's parents left for vegas?
who's parents were having a party?
you finally get home
arent you glad?
who's regalling the tale over myspace to everyone?
whos texting everyone saying that they are back?
who is sleeping?
who took a really long shower?
who is eating?
who is at starbucks?