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Author: roguesorcerer
Created: September 23, 2008
Taken: 41 times
Rated: G

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¢取The Depths Of My Imagination¢取

Created by roguesorcerer and taken 41 times on Bzoink
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Imagination is what the world needs.
What do you normally find yourself daydreaming about Ⅵ
Sometimes do you wish you lived in a fantasy world Ⅵ
If you could watch any film right now, which would it be Ⅵ
Do you like the new Indiana Jones film Ⅵ
If you've not seen it, it's really wonderful. I recommend that you see it
Do you like any anime Ⅵ
What was the most recent thing you've written Ⅵ
Do you write on your hands at times or recently have you been written on Ⅵ
What was the last funnest thing you've done Ⅵ
Has anything annoyed you tremendously lately Ⅵ
If so, what was it that annoyed you so much Ⅵ
Do you find yourself wondering what goes on in people's heads Ⅵ
Do you like Aqua Teen Hunger Force Ⅵ
Do you ever watch The Venture Brothers Ⅵ
Do you find space fascinating Ⅵ
If you could fly or breathe underwater, what would you choose Ⅵ
Do you like comics Ⅵ
If so, Marvel or DC or neither Ⅵ
Do you think that sometimes people are a little overrated Ⅵ
Do you like to read Ⅵ
What do you normally read, and if not, why is that so Ⅵ
Do you think reading teaches you new things and opens your imagination Ⅵ
Why is that so Ⅵ
Do you like candy as much as Willy Wonka Ⅵ
Would you want your own chocolate factory full of sugar and Oompa Loompas
I definitly would. But we have to have Willy Wonka as well, right Ⅵ
If you could be a master of something, what would it be Ⅵ
Do you find yourself doing weird things Ⅵ
Like what, and why is that so Ⅵ