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Author: roguesorcerer
Created: September 23, 2008
Taken: 166 times
Rated: G

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Extroadinarily Unique With Many Different Questions To Occupy Your Time If You Have Nothing To Do.

Created by roguesorcerer and taken 166 times on Bzoink
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What is the best thing that has happened to you recently.
Do you know why the sky is actually bue.
Would you like to meet an alien.
If so, would you trust them enough to go back with them to their planet.
What do you think is at the end of space.
Do you think gravity can be avoided.
Do you still watch cartoons.
Which cartoons do you like the best.
What do you think of world peace.
Could it ever be accomplished if we all worked together.
What do you think of archaeology.
Do you believe that 2012 is the end and only the crytal skulls can save us.
That legend it really odd, but it could be true. Do you think so.
Do you like Family Guy.
What country would you love to visit the most.
What is music to you.
Do you like D&D or Magic: The gathering the most.
What do you think of David Bowie.
Do you watch Adult Swim.
What is your favourite Disney movie.
Do you like Sailor Moon.
What are you.
What is your personality like.
Do you have a religion.
What do you think will be the end of the world.
Do you think that there are other planets like Earth.
Do you believe that aliens exist.
Have you seen anything odd in your lifetime.
How old are you.
Did you enjoy this.