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Author: xxcutting-worksxx
Created: September 24, 2008
Taken: 48 times
Rated: G

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Crazy Questions of Awesomeness!!

Created by xxcutting-worksxx and taken 48 times on Bzoink
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do you like peanut butter?
how many pillows do you sleep with at night?
are you a dude? O.o
do you like waffles?
i LOVE waffles!
is this survey crazy awesomeness?
i think it is...
do you have a bf/gf?
do you like school?
fav food?
fav color(s)?
fav band(s)?
do you enjoy taking surveys?
what are the last 4 digits in ur cell number?
last 3 letters of your sn?
do you like obama or mccain?
do you bush?
whos on your top?
whos your best friend?
is he/she on your top?
if so do you like them more than a friend?
are you getting bored of this survey?
if so would you like me to leave you alone?
do you like microwaves?
what about ovens?
whats is your dream job?
do you want to get married someday?
what about kids, do you want any?
if so, how many?
do you like anime?
if so, what ones?
do like to read books?
what about magazines?
who was the last person to call you?
what about text you?
what did the text say?
who was the last person to tell you they loved you?
last person to hug you?
last person to poke you?
do you like your mom?
what about your dad?